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File: 1455488014827.png (639 KB, 637x1080)
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okay faggots.

Let's have a dump lewd 3D thread.

I need mostly low poly shit.
jesus christ can you fuck off with your animu lewd weebshit?

how many more porn games,animations,models,comics do you really need? do you really need to get off on every single hentai that ever existed?
what the fuck is your problem?
>he browses 4chin
>he doesn't like weeb shit
the only thing that is somehow japanese related in this website is the concept of image boards, everything else is american
>it's owned by a japanese
>all it's banners are animoo
>more than half the boards are about lewd anime girls
then why aren't you using the billion sections for anime porno and come here
because the other boards aren't interested into low poly shit.
>low poly shit
i have to admit i used to watch bible black when free porn was crap, it had nice story and visuals
> bible black
there's no need to beat yourself up about it :^)

You're not allowed to lewd on /3/ because reasons.

You're not even allowed to post tutorials on sculpting lewd parts of the anatomy /3/ because reasons.

Basically /3/ was created for 14 year old Blender Fags who were afraid of their own dicks and the rules have never changed since.

No lewd for you. Your best bet is to create a thread on /ic/ and then post a link to it here.

I know it's hugely limits the boards potential. You can get away with worse on zbrush central ffs. You could easily stem porn spam by making generals for Daz and SFM.

Yeah we should be allowed to at least post lewds with ::spolier:: tags or some shit. No matter how much we complain to the mods about how a blue rating hurts this board they just won't be arsed to do anything about it. It makes no sense that /ic/ is NSFW because that's necessary for anatomy study yet a board where we're sculpting anatomy is SFW? What genius thought that was a good idea?

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