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question about game engines. i come from udk but i had a break from it for a year or two. i hear a lot that unity 5 is great but it is not truly a capable engine out of the box and it need plugins to make it functional. then there is unreal engine 4 but it has changed a lot since udk.

as a person who is mostly interested in level design, quick putting together prototypes and has no programming skills which engine would you guys reccomend? i make my models in blender so i want my engine to work with it without any major issues

btw do you know any good tips regarding level design?
you're not going to get anywhere

Obviously if you are coming from a UDK background you should probably just stick with UE4. From what I understand it's mostly the same.

If you are working with Blender you may have some difficulty porting things into either engine. For UE4 for example, you can use FBX but you you have to be careful about how you go about exporting. This is not an issue with the engine, but with the FBX format being shit.
Definitely UE4

Unity's level editing is a joke
but then there are plugins like pro builder for bsp. i just tried ue4 and it feels slow! like it took noticable amount of time to even update a simple diffuse+normal material. this should happen instantanious as it did in udk and as it does in unity 5. i really would like to use ue4 but im terrified of how slow it is compared to other engines. even to cry engine. i don't understand. there must be something wrong
Use material parameters if you want instant updates

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