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Been using Maya for two years now, sell me on Blender before I stick to Maya for good.
Do whatever you want man.
Use Houdini. It can do anything
Why? If you're happy with Maya, use it. Try Blender and decide for yourself.
inb4 zbrush meme
Blender is free so it doesn't really cost you anything to try. The default settings are a big bad though, IMO. So you will probably need to do some config before getting it into usable state.
I'm considering time vs. results.

If blender can get my results faster than why bother with maya.

Vs. Houdini which Ive heard can do anything but takes the longest time out of the 3.

So its basically flexibility vs. time and I'm not sure which one I value more when it comes to this.

You should try every 3d package, some do things in a really interesting way like Houdini.

The only significant advantage Blender has over Maya (besides cost, which isn't really a factor since you can pirate/student or your studio will pay for it) is direct access to the source code.

But that's not really useful for most people.

Well everything is going to take you a long time in Blender because:

1) you don't really know how to work the UI / shortcuts / features

2) you don't have a library of presets (lighting, base meshes, cameras, materials) like you've probably built up in Maya or that came with Maya (imo one of Blender's big faults for new users is it doesn't come with much out of the box, gotta make or find it all yourself).

3) If you're using Cycles (which you don't have to, there's plugins for Vray / Mentalray / Keyshot / etc etc) it's going to take you a while to learn the ins and outs and how to get fast renders.

Blender's sculpting isn't bad, it's just (like always) a huge lack of built-in brushes and textures and such that come with ZBrush, and also Blender can bog down on one machine where the same number of tris wouldn't slow down in Zbrush (because of Zbrush's tricks); that said, blender foundation IS working on a new optimized Viewport
Interesting thanks for the insight anon. When it comes to texturing what kind of program do you like? Interested to hear as well.
>But that's not really useful for most people.
this guy right here, he's a funny guy
I really have to wonder what the logic is behind some people who say Maya's interface is a giant clusterfuck whereas Blender's interface is "intuitive"

Maya has all its shit organized in the top menu bar and then further organized into specific menu presets for shit like animation and modeling. And if you wanted to have everything pressing spacebar will give you just that and it even gives you the option to create your own little menu with your favorite tools and options so you don't have to hunt them down.

Blender's UI is just a clusterfuck

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