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question about unity 5. is it normal that i can't look around in editor while i move in any dirction? it feel like such a stupid idea an it slows me down because first i need to adjut the view, move closer to my object and reajust the view instead of doing all those things in one fluid move. is there a way to enable this feature in unity 5?
hold right click to free look
wsad to move around flying fps style (while holding right click)
q and e to move up and down

select an object and press f to focus on it

if you press the floating axes in the editor window, you can switch between perspective and orthographic, as well as lock to a specific axis

this only works in the scene window of course, the game window view is locked to your in-game camera

does this help?
holy fuck yes it does help a lot! altough it's werid that i cant move around with wsad without holding rmb but i can live with that. you made my life a lot easier . thanks

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