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File: 3d.png (62 KB, 839x835)
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Is 3d dying?
More for us. And with all the virtual reality hype going on right now I doubt it's dying at all.
File: 1139884999544.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
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Due to marvelous designer games will be overrun by faggots and women. Head scans will become the norm. Everything will use procedural textures. Programs will have make art buttons.
>And with all the virtual reality hype going on right now I doubt it's dying at all.
All there is is marketing hype, not actual hype. Critics panned oculus
Why would you think that? This is probably the best time for 3D
Hows that?
File: 1458789002090.jpg (96 KB, 502x417)
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No more like kids these days can't be fucked learning hard things.
>t.2d animator
>people don't seatch "3D animation" cause it's so common now at days
File: are_you.gif (1.61 MB, 640x352)
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Are you autistic or retarded?

Since the fucking 80's, CGI has become a thing.

Local and corporate commercials use animations.

Cartoons and movies have utilized 3D

There are thousands of forums of people learning and producing content.

Autodesk gives their shit away for free for 3 years because it's still a functional business and Blender is straight up free

3d porn is a thing.

You don't play any modern video games. Shit, ever heard of the PlayStation? Xbox? Dreamcast? PC?

You can't be that under a rock. You managed to find yourself on a forum that is dedicated to 3D production.
>3d porn is a thing.
stopped reading here. You're an idiot
So you are retarded then? Interesting. Ignoring everything else I said for your autistic agenda
File: 1455383226811.jpg (23 KB, 500x300)
23 KB
are you trying to be really really edgy?

So nevermind the fact that there are about 4 different threads that involve 3d porn? Nevermind the fact that you didn't respond to anything else I said. What's your agenda/end game for this?
File: 1458932802322.jpg (1.01 MB, 1098x907)
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1.01 MB JPG
3d porn is pathetic, theres like 1-2 posters who go on and on about their fantasy 2nd lives with awful graphics its super sad
I never said I agreed with 3d porn, I'm just giving examples. You clearly are fixated on one thing I said though, ignoring everything else I presented.

What can I do for your aspie brain to get what I'm talking about?
>i'm training to be the edgelord
File: 993434.gif (1.19 MB, 500x262)
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1.19 MB GIF
aww thanks sweetie!

Still didn't answer my question but I guess it's too much for you right now.
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576 KB PNG
File: pevSPn4.gif (1.65 MB, 400x260)
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File: 131391021.png (47 KB, 200x200)
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this is /3/s April's fools joke right?
> not a single person in this thread understands how google trends works


Okay, lets just put aside for a moment that "3D animation" is a retarded search query in the first place, and is indicative of nothing, certainly not the volume of money moved through all the various sub-branches of 3D.

The trendline is for the volume of searches RELATIVE to the total number of searches made on google.

The number of searches for "3D animation" are INCREASING, not decreasing.

How much? In 2004, google processed around 86142700000 searches per year. In 2015, they processed around 1200000000000 (estimate).
That means from 2004 to 2016, the volume of queries for "3D animation" increased proportionally by roughly 3.2x.

It's just that the number of searches for things OTHER than "3D animation" are increasing faster. i.e. more normies have started using the internet since 2004. Surprise surprise?
Can't we just agree that we're all equally edgy and move on from there?

wanna know what _I_ think??! DO ya?

well, i think the "3D" in '3D Animation' is just becoming more and more >implied. And as a result, it's just the same as saying "Animation"!!!

and "Animation" in general isn't becoming less popular (aka "NOT dying/dieing") because I like it.

I solved it!
Op here, just to let you know I'm a giant faggot
op here
and I am not giant faggot

just a regular one
1999 - 2005 were the golden years of 3DCG
File: 3D VR.png (27 KB, 869x466)
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Just shifting search terms.

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