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I can't seem to fix this goddam problem and its frustrating me so badly.

Whenever I try to export from Zbrush, the model is automatically smoothed. Right image is the original in Zbrush, Left image is the somehow magically auto-smoothed model. This is specifically for OBJ exports. When I export anything else, it usually works fine. I can only export in OBJ for my task sadly (its retarded, I know).

Can anyone help?
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I did. What about? It doesn't have any solution to my problem.

Dont tell me to google, because I did, and not a single result explained my problem. The problem that 99% of the google searches have are import into zbrush, from maya/max/etc.

If you are going to point me to the sticky, point me to something useful in it.
File: Untitled.jpg (26 KB, 199x451)
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its at its lowest resolution, and the smooth option is always off.
toggle wireframe on the left and take a screenie
File: ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg (607 KB, 1920x963)
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Thank you for taking the time to help me!
so you have hard edges in zbrush then you export an obj to another program (which program?) and your edges on the imported obj are now soft? You should harden your edges again
Yea. I try to put it on sketchfab and the edges are softened. It is not possible to modify the topology of a model in a showcase like that.

Strangely, when I export obj to maya, then again export obj from maya, the model retains its hard edges. This means its clearly something to do with the settings of zbrush. I can't figure out what though.
open the obj file from zbrush and the obj file from maya in a text editor and see if the zbrush one is storing less information

You have to use the fbx exporter plugin and toggle off snormals. If you have to use obj just import fbx into a 3d program then export as obj.
why don't you flatten the normals in maya, it takes 1 second

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