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what's the best 3d program to model and render relatively easy scenario? (i need it for interior design works, furniture of various materials in their context).

i need to find a good balance between an intuitive program and a performant one, a friend suggested me 3dmax studio, what's your opinion?

also, what's the best guide to learn basics of 3dmax?
well you have fancy things like homestyler
but with 3dsmax you have more options and control but its obviously harder to use

take ur pick
what about rhyno, or maya?

i heard that they are program used a lot for models and renders, are they tougher than 3dmax?

also are there good tutorials/guide for 3dmax?

i have some very very basic knowing of alias, but not much
same thing. maya is more prone to animation
so, any tips?
Max (usually in combination with VRay) is the industry standard for architectural visualization. There are tons of tutorials out there for it specifically for that field.

Once you know your way around Max (pretty much any intro tutorial will do) Viscorbel's tutorials are a good introduction to arch viz working with Max/VRay in general. Some of his material creation tutorials are a bit dated these days, but they still produce great results and give you a solid base should you want to get into the more cutting edge stuff like Grant Warwick's VRay courses.
Jesus Christ why not just take a picture?

I can't take a picture of something not there. That's the point of archviz, to base design decisions and judgement off these drafts.

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