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An interesting conversation happened over on /v/ here: >>>/v/332409292. I was wondering if some kind anons could shine some light on the situation. It was my understanding that all companies looking to hire 3D or concept artists send out art tests. However...

>You're a retard and a sucker.
>Art tests aren't neccessary. The client looks at your portfolio and makes a decision. To hire you or not.
>Pussyfooting around with art tests and getting people to do work for free is a fucking scummy jewish practice that only happens because spineless losers like you allow it.

>I don't know what kind of art you make or who you've worked for, but I can promise you that 'art tests' are not legit at all. They're wasting your time. And I know that from experience, you're being used.
>Any legit company is going to look at your portfolio and your work experience and your online presence and make a judgement based on that. Actual talent isn't going to waste time doing art tests, and they know that. The companies that can't pick up the actual talent are the ones messing people around with art tests and ending up with low quality artists.
>Trust me, having self respect and pride in your work takes you much further than bending over for shitty companies who are promising you the big time.

Apparently that is not the norm? Can anyone confirm or deny this?
While technically this anon is right, some "respectable" companies will do it anyways. Many of my friend have been scammed by Gameloft into working for free, and imho no one should accept such tests.
If the test is paid then it's a different story. But if it's not, it's a red flag.
Bottom line = don't work for free
I've never seen a studio that doesn't require an art test
well i've never done one and i've worked in a dozen small to medium sized studios. Not in america though

A lot of companies do art tests, you often see them posted on artists websites as portfolio pieces. The Jeremy Soule thing is kek worthy tho, he definitely made Consortium better for me.
>Not in america though

>doesn't work in the heart of the industry
>thinks he can comment on it

>is american
>is oblivious to what happens in the rest of the world
wew colour me surprised
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>heart of the industry

now that's kekworthy

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