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ok i need some help with this.

I want to get into poser and rendering and all that. I tried that out a few years back and it seems to have changed a lot. So if someone knows this shit, please help me clear up some of my confusion, I am a complete newfag.

There is Daz3d studio which is free and poser which seems to cost money. Are both from the same company? I thought it was called "daz3d poser" at some point. What is the difference? When should I get one instead of the other?

There seem to be base figures like Genesis 1, 2 and 3. They seem to be bundled with Daz3d studio. Are items like clothes and poses exclusively just for one character "edition"? How does that work?

All the stuff you can buy from renderosity seems to require one of those base characters. With Genesis x models, I know what they mean. But often they seem to require v4 or victoria or something else.
Where can I see all available characters?
What are they called exactly? Is genesis x a model, a character, a version, ???
Are those characters free? Where can I get/buy them?

Where can you buy models and accessories? I know of renderosity, renderotica and the daz3d store. Is there more? Are there better ones?

Where can I pirate content when I'm too cheap buying them? I found some stuff on kickasstorrents and on piratebay. Are there better sites?
this is a blue board bro.n ot /d/ or /aco/
u gotta change that pic f̨am
Do not confuse generations with genesis
Generations 1-3 old shit I couldnt tell you about
Generation 4 Victora 4 and like 75% of all the poser shit you see.
Generation 5 introduced Genesis models and Victoria 5
Generation 6 brought Victoria 6
Generation 7 is current with Victoria 7
Generally there is a family of figures with each generation. Michael, Victoria, Josie.
>Generation 4 Victora 4 and like 75% of all the poser shit you see.

Is it this? http://www.daz3d.com/victoria-4-for-genesis-2-female ? But it says Genesis 2. Fuck, this confuses me even more.
That is so you can use v4 items on Genesis 2
aka generation 4 items on generation 6
> I want to get into poser
Why? To make ugly images of ugly characters you didn't make?
Poser is the worst hobby ever.
v4 or Victoria 4 is the model based on Genesis 1 i think...maybe Genesis 2. Poser users use v4. Poser and DaZ are separate...from my point of view i think Daz has advanced beyond Poser and the people that use Poser do so because they don't want to use Daz since it has a different UI and i think also because they've spend alot of money on stuff for v4 like clothes/hair etc.

v7 or Victoria 7 is the newer stuff from Daz based on the Genesis 3 model which is currently the latest. The Victorias/Michaels/Josies are all unique looking characters that are designed upon the Genesis models so before you can use v7 for example you need the Genesis 3 Female model...and before you can use m7/Michael 7 you'd need the Genesis 3 Male model.

Alot of items that were used on the Genesis 2 model can still work on the G3 like hair/clothes etc because Daz has some auto-fit script or some shit...It doesnt always work but hair usually works well.

Enjoy your Ban.
>v4 or Victoria 4 is the model based on Genesis 1 i think...maybe Genesis 2.

Oh god. And then there's the self congratulatory communities where people share 'their' work.

"Red Velvet: OC by me"

Is it by you?? Did you take the time to model, rig, and texture that character??? Poser is for lazy children who dont put in the time to actually learn this stuff.

We should honestly just make this board nsfw desu.
Did I honestly write that just now?

test already.

I'm losing my goddamn desu mind D:
>Poser is for lazy children who dont put in the time to actually learn this stuff.

Copy pasta for you
Because we're not interested in building a model from the ground up.
Usually there are other projects we're interested in, but if your talents can create a better model from which you'd be willing to sell that works with Poser, and DAZ we'd buy it in masses if it was worthy. But since you haven't shown, I suppose your ability remains a mystery.

We do not want to spend weeks tinkering with content just to get to a point of using it so since Poser, and DAZ offer pre-made models, and content which just so happens to suit our needs.

I wish you people of whom seem so busy insulting, and complaining could understand that, and actually show us your expert talent instead of showing nothing, and still not grasping why we use Poser, and DAZ.
It would save time for both you, and us.

Might as well ask people why they bother buying cars, instead of building their own.
To be quite desu, a NSFW /3/ would be a very good thing.

/ic/ is a red board for a reason.
We'd have a lot less anatomical catastrophes if we were allowed to actually post anatomy.

Not to mention actual posters.
Hiro make it happen.
poser isn't useful for anything besides what it was intended for in the first place: mocking up scenes or posing characters for reference purposes
Man this is one of the boards that require a NSFW spoiler. People can sculpt muscular guys and nice ladies but we're not allowed to post them on a 3D board.
File: Shadow Test 1.png (1.1 MB, 672x893)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
I use Daz Studio a lot and blender sometimes for uvmapping props.

I see it like another hobby: Model Trains. Do you make the trains and tracks and all that?? Not usually, no. But you love putting it all together and making all the details and lighting right. It is mostly self gratification, in my opinion. Daz is fairly easy to use and does not require a titanx card to be efficient in. (of course a powerful cpu and gpu do help!)
Most of the time the problem with Daz/Poser stuff isn't that the program or the models are bad...although alot of the models for sale look like tiny nosed big lipped barbie dolls. The problem at least from my perspective is that nobody knows what the fuck they're doing.

The poses are half assed with models hovering above the ground or their hand on their hip but hovering an inch above it. People pose the models in such a way that doesn't take into account gravity, proper weight distribution, and actual realistic body mechanics.

The worst thing is probably just that most of the stuff that's done is just fucking boring. The models are just standing there doing nothing. There's no story, no flow of action. When people say it's 3D barbie doll posing they aren't wrong for 90% of it. I think alot of /3/ people in general would get better by spending some time over at /ic/ and learning 2D things as well, like composition, color theory, and design.
poser and daz are great if used well. just look at RWBY

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