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You mirin' my setup? Just finished it, think of all the milliseconds I'll be saving.
I also added Undo and Redo to the buttons behind the scroll wheel. Only downside of this mouse is, it's ugly as sin!
Y nobody mirin'?

Gaming mice are perfect for CAD
i use a naga myself for maya, all my shortcuts are number keys with ctrl or shift modifiers. Couldn't 3d without it.
I know, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it earlier. In fact I thought 14 buttons were too many when I was ordering it, but within a couple of days I've got all 14 of them assigned to a shortcuts or keys that are essential to me. Also the fact that I can have different mappings for different programs is amazing. Can't wait to set up Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD etc.
>tfw my molten naga middle click is starting to fail
>can't pan or rotate reliably in max/maya anymore
The worst thing is that it doesn't use the same switches as the left and right click.
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>Y nobody mirin'?
>Gaming mice are perfect for CAD
>Gaming mice

I can do the same shit you do on my shitty ass laptop keyboard and a dollar mouse, and probably faster too
I bet you're the kind of guy who wouldn't be able to do shit on another PC without your special snowflake peripherals
What's next? You have those gaming glasses? Gaming glove? Gaming neckbrace?
Which hentai is this from ?
Don't forget muh zen magnet slap bands

Chibi Chinpoko Fumirikon 2.
very same situation here

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