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File: gKrmI.png (399 KB, 1675x1008)
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399 KB PNG
Been fucking with 3dsmax for the last 4 hours trying to get a working bitmap for my 3d model.

I basicaly want to 'convert' a material(Multi/Sub-Object type that has about 14 materials in it) to a bmp , png , or whatever
Anyone knows how the hell I can make this work? I need the 'file' that puts all the textures in the right place. I tried "Render to texture" and when I tried to apply the texture to the 3d model , it was basicaly just a picture that kept looping on the object
>I basicaly want to 'convert' a material(Multi/Sub-Object type that has about 14 materials in it) to a bmp , png , or whatever
so you want to convert 14 textures to 1 texture?
File: 96Drs.png (262 KB, 1024x826)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
This is what I have , as you can see , all the textures are already applied correctly to the model so I suppose there is already some file /mapping or how the hell should I call it.
File: dXtIF.png (256 KB, 513x512)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
this is the mapping of another 3d object. This is what I need , this is what I want to get from that 1 Multi/Sub-Object material if it's possible.
i think you should google "texture atlas"
trying that right now. if there are any other alternatives , let me know.

thank you
File: 6Nhfy.png (1.14 MB, 826x887)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
this is what I managed to get with Render to Texture. look weird but it should work. the problem is the texture won't apply correctly , its just a looping picture.
I was going to write an explanation but I think this is too complicated for you now. You should read the sticky / practice / git gud
File: 8dNIg.png (259 KB, 1059x873)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
what I got using atlas texture
I uploaded all the filed needed. If anyone can provide me a working bitmap for the 3d model , I'd really appreciate it. The 3d model its made out of different meshes , I usualy attach them all in 1 single mesh so I can easily apply the bitmap.

wrong link ..

I think you do a trick with a second uv map set. Uv map the whole object onto a second uv channel and bake from the first with the multiple maps to the second with one set.
File: l44u4.png (620 KB, 794x806)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
i got it to work , i didnt have to mess with 3ds max rendering setup etc.

Thank you.

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