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File: output.jpg (53 KB, 400x250)
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Sup /3/
I finished a "photorealistic bedroom" tutorial for the purpose of learning V-ray, but my end result was not even close to what the tutorial showed. (Render was grainy as fuck) Most likely because my V-ray version is one of the newer ones and the tutorial is from 2012 or something.
I managed to fix most of it to look satisfying. The only thing I don't know how to fix is the fucking walls with smudges on it. What do I need to change to get rid of that?
use arnold
Good job anon, I used mental ray and have had issues with the smudges, if any of these relate to vray too, try increasing final gathering quality by 100%, point density to like 3, and final gathering / global illumination by an extra few hundred. One/some of those should fix it.
Those are from using photon mapping, right?
File: Disco_Light_Ball2.jpg (43 KB, 480x640)
43 KB
No, both engines are light cache.
With photon mapping the render looks like the (pic related) is in the scene
Problem: smudges
Cause: Light not bouncing enough times
Solution: Secondary bounces must be increased

Also, typically, people would use an irradiance map for the primary bounces, but if you don't care about time, or if you have a nice machine, go brute force and just increase the samples.
put portals in front of windows so more light can come in. this is what you should always do on interior scenes with Vray.
File: output_View01.jpg (815 KB, 1600x1000)
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815 KB JPG
did it
Cranked up everything and used brute force, thanks anons

There's still some stuff that could be adjusted but I think it's ok
It looks like shit, anon.
thanks, I know it's not a loli futa so I knew most people wouldn't like it here on /3/
sum renderes the portal can be put at lamp
You're welcome, anon. Good job. If you wanna give it more soul, look at real world references, give some more details to your models and add some composition, maybe something you wanna draw attention to.

We're all students, so keep up the good work.
really nice render but there are few problems

there is sun outside but there is no glare, is this morning??
2.add some more samples, there is grain in the walls, this is not a big deal if this picture is on magazine layout
nichè troll-attempt try an other time to render
File: 1459008625397.jpg (793 KB, 1600x1000)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
Just this hovering leg and maybe add more information in mirror reflection?
Looks way too dark. I did the same tutorial when I started learning VRay and I don't remember it looking that dark.

Do you have your Gamma/LUT correction set up correctly in Max?
Yeah, floor generator script is responsible for this.
Yes it's darker than it's supposed to be. A lot of settings were modified in V-ray since that tutorial was made. Some options were removed, some were switched to different tabs etc so I didn't set everything 100% as he did. Also I didn't touch Gamma/LUT at all, I guess that's a fuckup
you don't need any special settings, just crank up the exposure and crush the overexposed areas with reinhard colour mapping. you have to think about rendering as a photography.
Where do I find this tutorial?

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