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Can't find any infomation online about this.

So. Importing an object from another scene of mine to clean it up as its got extra shit that isn't wanted.

Now most of its gone, but there are a few things like layers that are still hanging around as references.

Theses references don't show up in the reference editor.

Could someone explain why that is?
you dont even say what soft you're using lad
Fuck. It's Maya.
in blender it's theres a link object button but i usually just export as an obj and re import into new scene
Yeah, I may end up doing that but i'll edit the file and cut out any junk information.
Did you import the object or did you preference the scene the object is in?

In the original file with the model you want to clean up, just select the model and export selection, then import it to a new scene.
Holy shit you're one of the guys who make "The Forest".

How does it feel to be a sucessfully indie?
>taking photograph of two giant prop lighters and calling it a 3d model
Export as obj and import into a new scene.

Do prop lighters have visible polys, normal map errors and low res shadows..
>trolling on /3/
>the forest
>successful indie
it might have been if the programmer wasn't so shit

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