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How do i blow out my specular on purpose in Maya without having to do it in post? Like for a toon shader?
See pic on how it looks vs how i want it. I want to make a toon specular material and then use a mask to put it on the shiny areas like the nose.

I thought maybe i could take the color output from a black material with specular, stick it through a multidivide node with a high value and then feed that in to another material, but i just get black with no specular:(.
Any help would be great <3.
File: specBlowOut.jpg (839 KB, 1296x752)
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Change the shader to a phong E to replicate OP pic better.
There are materials made just for toon/cel shading.

It's exactly what you want and need, why use blinn/phongs ?
Switch your top menu to "Rendering" and you'll get a Toon menu at the top that has all kinds of toon shading features for you to use.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (34 KB, 321x481)
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Thanks. I think I've found the problem, I'm using Vray as my renderer. The stuff you can use from the 'Toon' menu looks fine with the Hardware renderer, but Vray smooths it and makes it look shit. See pic.
Do the toon shaders render correctly with MentalRay? I've never used it before as when I started to learn 3D I just went straight for Vray.
Try this instead of funking up Mentalray and wasting valuable render time


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