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Although I have made some guns and guitars in the past, I can't seem to model a car yet. I guess i just can't control all 3 dimensions at the same time.
I start from the side and when time comes to front/back, i realize everything is misplaced. Maybe I set the blueprint wrong.

Any tips on modeling cars? Do I make doors, bumpers and hood separately or all in one mesh?
Where can I get a scene with a blueprint set up correctly to practice? What are the "easiest" cars to model (in terms of body shape)?
block the whole shape first then go into details by steps, don't concentrate on specific areas until near the end.
Ignore all the creases in the beginning, model your car as if it had no doors, no separate bumpers, etc
Then cut your mesh when you're satisfied with the curvature
Treat the outer glass shell of the lights as body parts, too.
Compare your model not only to the blueprint, but also to reference photos, all the time.

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