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Do any of you /3/pots actually work in the industry? I managed to land my first job for some external and internal renders.

What's your process for interacting with the client?
Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
What about the furniture?
How often do you consult them via email?
How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
Usually getting them on skype/slack is the best.
>Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
Yes. It's their money.
>How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
Few weeks for top quailty stuff.
How much you charge is really up to you, take a hourly rate like normal.
Because this is your first job, you can accept being ass fucked, don't be to beta, but don't expect top shit.

It's very nervous the first time, but you'll make it if you don't sperg out.
>What's your process for interacting with the client?
they email me

>Do you allow them to dictate all the finishes?
the what now? They're paying for it

>What about the furniture?
They are p-a-y-i-n-g for it

>How often do you consult them via email?
Nobody communicates via email, we communicate via skype and phone calls

>How long would it take you to do 1 external render of a house, and 2 interior, and how much would you charge?
It depends on how many changes they want to make, but no I try to get it done in as few hours as possible so i make the most profit
Of course they are paying for it, the question is should you try and press them for furniture choices if they don't mention it ie.
>uhm your the proffesional idk lol you pick it
I don't know about freelancing in 3d, I only have some media design freelancing experience.

For media design and Web design you would usually charge 50 to 90 € (Euros, I don't know in dollar) an hour if you do it professionally and you pay taxes. If you are doing it less legally maybe 20-40€ an hour but that's dirt cheap if you are an professional because a studio might charge in the thousands for a logo.
File: ssfeel.jpg (19 KB, 403x403)
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OP here, just landed a 1k commission
>blender user
Holy shit boyos wish me luck
game artist here, someone offered me to do full 4 level with houses,cars and everything

what is the rate for these kind of things? its a lowpoly rts game btw

Good luck OP. Do you already have a library of pre-modeled assets?

Don't get scammed, get some of the money upfront (do a small portion of the work as something to show that you're also not a scammer)

"Make four distinct levels filled with assets, all matching our art style [or worse, we don't have an art style yet], we'll talk about money later" is a pretty big red flag.

As for cost, ask yourself how long it's going to take in hours then multiply by minimum wage the multiply that by however much more than minimum wage you think you're worth.

If they aren't interested, pull up a couple similar items on turbosquid and point out how each item costs (whatever, $150 to $500) and based on the concept art they've provided (they DO have concept art, right?) it'd cost [some number hopefully much larger than you've quoted]
i work in an archviz company for 5€/h. i know im getting dicked but i'm in highschool and don't really have any other opportunities for making money to survive in uni.

Isn't that like fucking, illegal?
yes, it is illegal. the chances that i'll be caught are slim tho and i will be working there officially anyways when i get to uni in summer.
Is it renovation or new construction?

If it's renovation, you can save a lot of time by using photographic backgrounds of the existing building with perspective match and then just model whatever is being added into the photo (ie, new facade, interior decoration, what have you). If using perspective match is an option for you, it shouldn't take you longer than a week.
Its a new construction. Also I have never heard of perspective matching for interiors.
File: angrypepe.jpg (44 KB, 396x385)
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>tfw your client has shit taste in furniture
Intereting, do you have any tutorials in mind of that process ?
File: 1456925074601.jpg (21 KB, 384x383)
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>can we move the camera slightly

>that'll be 100 buckaroos
> tfw working project based
> 5 weeks going great
> 5.th week they have a meeting, come back and tell me this isn't what they wanted at all
> demand a whole new project
Never again
What sort of project was it?

This is why you take a deposit up-front

How many eames chairs have you made.

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