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Is THREE.js respected at all here?
>the javascript is coming
Hi, this is my first post on /3/ and first post on this site that is not shitposting.
I have barely begun, and not even directly on 3d. I still building my mental toolset around getting a phone to render on a page to be viewed on cardboard/oculus.
I actually do have a good question
Is there some specific maths/physics formula that I can use to calculate metrics for having stuff pop out of a page using this setup? The html is
1 "stereo effected" canvas over 2 videos (live webcam). There are enough tutorials and I will post them if there is any interest.

Also I am actively looking for people to "collaborate" with. What that means is that there are people who know their shit and do their shit quickly. It would be great for someone to do some character design and actual building of 3d model ideally in dae format (tested).
The idea has to do with continually producing characters based on amount of generated interest. New theme mockups will be offered and premium users can vote on their preferred theme, each theme comprising of multiple characters. I personally don't think story is so important. But that's because i write shit stories.
More details on what "collaborate" on interested parties through email.
I have also used p5js which was incredibly fun.
shoot me an email at kaziloko@gmail.com
wat chu talkin bout fgt :V
wow, a 3D nigger.
and i even got a trip for this slum.
googl plz stop learning what bread is
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Dude, did you have a fucking stroke and kept typing? What the fuck are you talking about?
I actually want to try as best as i can to try to not shitposting on anyboard. But fuck it, this finger won't stop.

This board is strictly talk about Python Script only. Not even C++ is allowed here, let alone JS

>inb4 me getting smacked with 'le blenderfags gtfo'

Though in all seriousness like the rest of the poster i totally have no idea with the rest of 2nd paragraph. As for that VR-related thingy you ask.. try to go to... idk which board handle the coding work again ?
> This board is strictly talk about Python Script only. Not even C++ is allowed here, let alone JS


there is no such rule.

> which board handle the coding work again ?

that would probably be the /dpt/ on >>>/g/ , but VR with javascript is not going to happen.
It's just a joke bro.
Yeah, lets see these tutorials.

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