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File: hulk ragequit.gif (3.63 MB, 500x281)
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3.63 MB GIF
Hey, Unity3D/UE4 developer without art skills here.
Often I commission 3D modelers when there're no assets on the internet to use or buy, however, I'm having trouble finding someone that can properly model a kid character that looks anatomically correct rather than an uncanny adult midget.
Why it's so difficult? Most artists have a really good artistic background and can model a realistic adult/animal without flinching, but as soon as they have to model a prepubescent male/girl, you can already sense they really don't have an idea how their bodies work, even in many AAA games.
Unfortunately I'm a perfectionist, so I searched child model pictures on the internet to send them as reference, however, all I happen to find is barely legal pedo stuff that's too creepy to send them as references.
I'm raging really hard, even Poser/Daz3D models don't look very anatomically correct desu. If there was such a thing as a 3D scanned child model without baggy clothes that covers them, I'd buy it asap and use that as a base model. I need them as less covered (the clothes will be added separately) and realistic as possible while keeping it legal and not creepy. If there're some T-pose photos from different angles that would be perfect. What would you suggest to do?
File: Chris_hansen.jpg (34 KB, 427x640)
34 KB
You're part of the problem why artists suck so much with kid anatomy: Fear of being labeled as pedos.
I'm sure Disney is full of pedos because of movie in pic related, look how realistic they wanted it, those sick fucks.
Thanks society for making it so hard to do something that's supposed to be so simple and normal.
File: chris-hansen[1].jpg (9 KB, 315x268)
9 KB
Why don't you take a seat over there.
So how long have you been "studying" underage anatomy.
And how much underage "reference material" did you download to "practice" 8 year old kids ?
File: chris4chan.gif (3.6 MB, 521x501)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB GIF
I just have good eye, have you ever seen a kid's knees? Artists fuck them up all the time and make them look like an adult's. Or the faces? They just make them bigger, puffier and uncanny.
I just want to keep it legal, here's a proof of concept of what the final App is supposed to do, I already have a 3D scanned adult model to use instad of this, the client give me the 3D models of the clothes they sell, I implement them in the app, so customers can choose what they like, the problem is that they also sell kid's clothes and I need a kid 3d model for that. Pic related.
If it's a cloth app, why do you need 3d scans of naked kids ? You can simply use some random kid model with correct proportions laying around which you can find for free. People who come there for the clothing won't say "this kids knee does not look 100% anatomically accurate, im not buying clothes here !"
Tell me where I asked for 3D models of naked kids, I just don't want them wearing clothes that could interfere with the other clothes, something tight that blocks all genitalia or nipples. I'm looking for realism because the male model looks like pic related, so I want all the other models to have the closest realism to that because it wouldn't feel right to have something toony or not realistic appear all of a sudden when you switch the character.
File: sc-02.jpg (243 KB, 719x981)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Forgot pic.
File: T_Pose_32.jpg (44 KB, 320x240)
44 KB
>random kid model
>correct proportions

Sure, why don't you show me these kids with "correct proportions" so I can show you how much artists suck with them? Pretty much pic related.
File: attachment[1].jpg (51 KB, 700x469)
51 KB
Use Rocketbox kid models :^)
is the kid on your pic 3d or real life?
File: adultbabyfaces.jpg (39 KB, 1438x654)
39 KB
The photo is real, but obviously they needed a 3d model for the most risky and acrobatic scenes.
I know you're trolling, the white kid is decent enough, but the other two are just ridicolous, 700$ each? They should pay me to use them as I'm doing free advertising. What were they thinking when they modeled their faces? They're so utterly wrong, except the white male kid.
Obviously the adults look perfect because artists train a lot studying adult human anatomy, too bad they know nothing about kids and try to adapt what they know with results as pic related, adult baby faces. Ah, right, you can't look at kids anatomy otherwise you're just a pedo, let's just pretend kids can't exist in any media just like they did with women back in the time when men acted as women on theaters, let's just use midgets instead.
File: disgusting2.jpg (22 KB, 404x404)
22 KB
> free advertising
how young are we talking about here?
I'm fairly sure they would get a 3d scan of the actor then use that for the movie.
Make Human. Also. Developer without art skills..

Drawing a stick figure is art skills.
>so I searched child model pictures on the internet
Why OP?
File: 480725074.jpg (59 KB, 294x588)
59 KB
but those are so easy to find, anon.
ur fuking sig m8
The instant someone releases a child model, it will be used for porn, and I don't think most modelers would be cool with that.

it's just a girl in a swimsuit. what's sick about that?
We are not on a beach.
> whats wrong about posting half naked underage girls
>what's sick about that?

Context anon, context.
File: steveaustin.gif (954 KB, 320x240)
954 KB
954 KB GIF
what are you doing here son you need to get your life back on track
in some places realistic naked 3dcg child meshes are actually illegal.
But you are the one applying context is subjective to whomever applies it.
It you say it is sick, it is you thinking the sick thoughts, so you're guilty by your own admittance.
File: 1445984844977.png (131 KB, 1920x1024)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>>in some places realistic naked 3dcg child meshes are actually illegal
also this tread
>it is you thinking the sick thoughts, so you're guilty by your own admittance

Or, you know, I can tell what people requesting realistic childmodels are up to and from this are able to extrapolate
what's swimming in their minds as they google and post pictures of skimpily dressed children.

If you are projecting anon, you have a troublesome problem on your hands.
>If you are projecting anon, you have a troublesome problem on your hands.

Not to worry. It'll pass as usual.
This whole thread reminded me on the old psychiatrist Rorschach joke about the man who looks at Rorschach cards, and keeps saying he sees obscene pictures because the cards keep showing him obscene images.
It is about how you perceive it. If you perceive others as always having malicious intent, that's likely what you'll see by your own skewed admission.
I agree with what you're saying. The fact it's posted on 4chan automatically gives it a perverse nature.

If it were posted in a 3D modeling or art community, then I don't think it'd receive near as much scrutiny.
Context matters of course, but I'm not defending OP nessasarily but current events matter. For example there is a movie called The Jungle book in theaters and a few others with children as lead characters coming out. Let's say some people are interesting in making their own promotion, or similar to those ideas, are they guilty too?
>how to take a screenshot
i keked.
> are they guilty too?

In this place? Most def. You must realize that this is /3/ and a subsection of this board has been on the hunt for rape-able child meshes all of their adult life.
File: RJ174592_img_main[1].jpg (233 KB, 560x420)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
incidentally the japs give no shits
try them
>/3/ and a subsection

Yes, but not all.

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