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File: 1456725208120.jpg (433 KB, 1280x1122)
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I've been modelling in blender but it's incredibly obnoxious to try to animate anything on my system .

I'm currently owning a laptop , an i7 2ghz, 8gbs of ram, a geforce 840m , and its really struggling to render.

Should i try to make animations in Unreal engine and record them or is there a better way?
get a better computer.
that's a good computer, i don't see the problem

type in seach bar "msconfig" and remove any useless programs at startup
It took me 8 hours to render a 14 seconds animation 1080p . so not really...
Im also on a relatively fresh windows install , a month old , and havent been messing it up...all i really have is steam apps
well you didn't mention anything about rendering which is a totally different thing
sorry.. my bad.
rendering requires usually a desktop computer
>its really struggling to render
cycles is pretty slow, have you tried any external renders?
Ive only tried cycles so far. What's an external render? Enlighten me anon
Thanks. Out of all there which one would you revommend?
lux for sure

i don't how significant the reduction will be, you can look online on render engine comparisons for blender
Thanks a bunch. Ill skip school to render stuff now. Kek....is 4chan helpful or the oposite...guess we'll never know
i never render more than 500 samples
if you don't know how to reduce render times, you should look up for complete tutorials on cycles. its really helpful
Ive been rendering on 200 samples for insane times lol
There are many solutions, here's just one. http://www.renderflow.com/
Use fucking sheep-it you damn retard.
doing what
File: 1430027770763.jpg (117 KB, 489x578)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>This is the current generation
>"Please spoonfeed me! I can't do anything on my own :("
Jesus fucking christ
File: 1454734192522.gif (1.85 MB, 250x188)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
What's even more sad is we live in a time when you can google anything you could possibly want to know. All the information you could ever want is literally at your fingertips.

The amount of laziness and entitlement is simply astounding.
no, you tell me what jobs are available, edgelord. You go to a restaurant, even fast food, guess what? Even old people are working there. And how would you even get a job working fast food without experience and no diploma?
File: 1431103583229.jpg (54 KB, 640x718)
54 KB
Youre a lazy piece of shit. Quit making fucking excuses and TAKE ACTION.

I know it upsets you entitled little shits when someone suggests you may actually have to put in effort instead of waiting for someone to give you a handout, but guess what? In real life you may actually have to put in effort.

Kek. Go find a fucking job kid, I'm not your mommy, I'm not gonna hold your hand and make you a nice little step by step guide on how to turn in job applications.

It blows my mind how much children bitch on the internet about how "unfair" life is and "woe is me :( life is yoo hard".

You are a joke.
>Go find a fucking job kid,
>go find some imaginary job when all the jobs are already taken

Enjoy the literal endless quantity of jobs available.
File: 1444180889530.jpg (14 KB, 294x273)
14 KB
mate, those jobs are for sales positions in "Vector" marketing. Vector is a scam. I went to an interview with them, they literally wanted me to join a knife-selling door to door pyramid scheme. You know nothing about jobs and you're hopelessly out of touch
File: kek.jpg (589 KB, 1600x900)
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589 KB JPG
Thats funny, how did the people who are working now get jobs if "all the jobs are taken" ?

You might consider suicide if your perception of the world has this much bubble wrap around it. Go outside, you should try seeing the real world sometime, not your made-up head canon from tumblr, here, or wherever your safespace is.

>google provides solution
Guess OP didnt even need to go outside, yet still chooses to bitch and moan instead of putting in one ounce of effort.
File: 1408832128286.jpg (223 KB, 900x675)
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223 KB JPG
File: _You_.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
Wash cars, cut and sell fire wood, repair computers, dumpster dive and resell goods, grow produce and sell it, sell 3d models, make ad revenue of a website, mow grass, pick up recyclable scrap to sell, make youtube videos, sell bootleg media, do housework for people, tutor someone...

You are not resourceful enough. Maybe you should quit being so much of a little bitch expecting free money whining on the internet lol
File: f19.jpg (22 KB, 277x296)
22 KB
>Wash cars
I'm just gonna fuckin start washing cars as a single man and not at a dedicated carwash or as part of a highschool fundraiser? Are you kidding me?

>sell fire wood
What? You want me to start buying trees and then chopping them? Are you insane?

>dumpster dive and resell goods
What in the fuck?

>grow produce and sell it
What the fuck

>sell 3d models,

>make ad revenue of a website,
Who visits it? Me a bunch of times?

>mow grass
I don't have a good enough lawn mower or a a lawn mowing business?

>pick up recyclable scrap to sell,
You mean like plastic bottles like a homeless bum?

>make youtube videos
who will watch them and why?

>sell bootleg media
Who will buy physical media?

>do housework for people

>tutor someone
I have no degree in anything that people want?
Youre right, you should just kill yourself, theres no jobs left in the world and no one will ever get a job from this point on.

I had a job once, the only reason I got it is because my mom worked there as well. Thats called nepotism. Also, my brother got a job there too for the same reason. Thats nepotism x2. This is what the majority of jobs boils down to. That and the casting couch if you're a female
File: 1453018835195.jpg (86 KB, 455x675)
86 KB
Cool story. Killing yourself is really the only option.
File: Capture.png (247 KB, 680x519)
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247 KB PNG
File: 1411897215959.gif (2.4 MB, 500x281)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
Nice meme. Go outside, son. Quit living your life through pictures on the internet while having 0 real world experience.
If you put as much effort into getting a job as you do whining about getting a job you'd have one already.

You literally have the worldview of a pre-pubescent child. Go. Out. Side.
File: 1454341982844.png (356 KB, 572x380)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>0 real world experience meme
>fake world vs real world

>Go. Out. Side.
and do what, exactly?
Bruh everyone in this thread is rightfully calling you a retard. This is why there is this thing called Darwins law. It works out sometimes, hopefully it will work out with you as well. You can't seriously be this dumb and lazy to not find a product or service people want, working for a company of some kind or being your own boss. Either adapt or die please.
>9 posters in this thread
File: 1449510200376.jpg (33 KB, 500x336)
33 KB
I thought like you when I was in high school. I got a job at Staples when I was 19, and that was my first real job. I did get a job before that, but it was with a sketchy windshield repair company where we had to harass people at gas stations to let us fix their chipped windshields.

If you think all the jobs are taken, you're misinformed. Go anywhere and put in an application. Then, call them every couple of days about your application. You might think you'd be annoying them, but it's the best way to increase your chances over the other applicants. You need to show interest in the job, even if you're faking it.

When I was in high school I was repairing people's computers for money. Word just got around that I knew what I was doing, so other students (and their parents) started calling me for repairs. I don't really consider that a job because it was stuff I did in my free time, but it got me money.

After you get your first job, it opens up opportunities for better jobs. After staples, I did freelance computer repair again, this time I was serious about it, and made decent money. My advice to any high schooler, especially in this high-competition market, is to get a job as quickly as you can. Don't wait until you're 19 like I did.

>and do what, exactly?
Everyone is too busy trying to answer this question for themselves to be able to answer it for you. Just make some shit up and go with it.

Oh and once you get hired, be a good employee. Turnover rates are high now, and I can tell you from the jobs that I've had that good workers are truly hard to come by.

When you stop complaining about the world around you, you and start doing anything at all, doors open in unexpected places. I didn't think I'd be nearing a promotion to manager of development at a software company at 24 with no college, but here I am. All it took was getting a shitty job at Staples, being an efficient employee, and keeping my eyes out for better opportunities. Eventually I found them.

if you think hardwork is the prime factor in making employers to like and keep you.. you are delusional my friend

entry level jobs are mostly established on connections and who you know, notice how the high positions in a company are always close friends with the manager somehow
here is the mindset of a typical manager

>ill let the woman do the easy work and let men do the hardwork
>ill make my the management overpayed while the employees underpaid
>if someone complains ill just replace him, but with who? only an immigrant will tolerate this shit job
>if you don't smoke you don't deserve a cigarette break, matter of fact you don't deserve breaks at all
The relationship of people in higher positions in the company is an example of how entry level jobs are mostly connections? Explain how you are connecting these things, because right now that makes 0 sense. In each of my jobs, the people who showed the most drive to succeed were the ones who were liked the most by management. It's not all just hard work, but the show of motivation that does it. Even if you're just faking it like I was. I normally have very little motivation, but I make it look otherwise in order to get paid more and be self-sustaining. I spend my days wishing I could just live the neet life, but rent & other bills need paying. Might as well take the path that enables me to keep up with my responsibilities with less work.

Also, I've never had a job where the managers were friends before getting the job, except for a small family business where I was the only non-family employee.
not where i was working
also i was treated with "you do that despite not part of your job description" multiple times
i guess i got shitty employers
File: 2d4.png (13 KB, 560x407)
13 KB
>Shitty excuses for laziness: the thread.

I guess youre right though, I was pretty much a delusional crybaby too when I was in high school. Always trying to make excuses for how I "couldnt get a job".

Then I went outside and actually tried, without giving up at the first sign of defeat, and figured out the world wasn't some big conspiracy where only CEOs friends get jobs etc etc.

Turnover rate is so high in entry level jobs, new people get jobs every single day... they are the ones who go out and put applications and EFFORT in. The ones who whine about things instead of trying - of course - don't get jobs.
File: 1455920264123.jpg (27 KB, 353x353)
27 KB
>Turnover rate is so high in entry level jobs, new people get jobs every single day

now I've heard it all.
File: 142006768977.jpg (382 KB, 800x533)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>he says as he sits in his parents basement
>from his extensive experience in the real world (Read: has had one job that he got though his family)

Ok, youre a waste of thought. Just kill yourself already. Id say good luck in life but I know youll likely just leech off of your parents and then government after they die. Take care kid, hope you grow up some day.
wtf is this thread
lol, my sister is basically retarded and even she was able to get a job. You're worthless. Also, you believe that the majority of jobs are given to family or friends? Damn, every employer in the world must either be extremely popular or has a large family. Are you saying that if I were to walk into any place of business, lets say Walmart, I should expect most of the people there to be either friends or family of the boss, right? Well, I doubt they're family, since they all look different, and I doubt they are all friends, because there's no way the white manager has more than one "black friend."
>Instead of lowering the render presets/materials or using a simpler renderer, he asks about using unreal
Are you fucking serious?
File: 1456590736336.jpg (36 KB, 750x835)
36 KB
This is anger thread. Get mad now
i use blender because its free and also because i was too stupid to understand that the majority of cg houses use maya or max and that you could get a student version of either for free

thanks for keeping the job market open by making horrible choices during your learning process blender fags, it will really help the smarter people who actually observe the world they live in shine through

you are all just so fucking garbage to me i dont even care anymo
File: 37b.png (323 KB, 400x504)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
You could buy a used desktop PC off eBAy with good processors and adequate RAM to do your renders on. They're cheap as no fancy peripherals or GPUs etc. Also you could try Cloud rendering.

Bake your textures, use emission shaders, use Render Layers / Passes so you aren't doing things like rendering the background over and over, reduce light bounces, and so on til you get the speed and look you want.

By default Cycles is trying to make everything look as "realistic" as possible, often with the difference being minuscule or immeasurable despite rendering for 10x longer than needed.

Also, you did enable GPU rendering right in User Prefs and then in the Render tab, right (assuming you have a CUDA card or compatible AMD card)?

You can't just use Blender "out of the box", most of the default settings (for just about everything) in Blender are crap and you need to tweak them.

Once you tweak shit, save it to the Startup File (you can always revert this if you want later) so that you're not deleting the same cube every time.
literally getting shit handed to you. hey man, does your mom wipe your ass to?
>What in the fuck?
>What in the fuck?
>i cant do this
>i cant do that

ive got a pretty powerful gaming setup and rendering is still a pain whether it be for videos or 3d

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