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Hey everyone, need help really quick
I need to open a box like this on Maya, what`s the best way to do it?
(note i`m not even a 3D artist i`m helping someone with UV mapping and realized the box should look this way, they are not replying and my friends deadline is today, plz help)
Help? thats going to cost you, since your desperate its going to cost you more.
dude don`t be an ass i just need to know if dividing the face would break the geometry or what would be the best way to do it, this is for a friends thesis and he feel asleep and i mapped and i got no idea how to do this shit
bump, i truly need to figure out how to do this , been trying to look online but found jackshit
Guys if i used the "divisions" thing on the edit mesh feature could i create this effect? please help, my buddy is asleep and he has to turn this project in a few hours and i´ve called him already
Try using blender's smart uv project.
Alternatively you can use box projection.

Or open the box in Mudbox and Ptex paint it for UV'less unwrapping.
hey buddy! thanks a lot, the problem here is that my friend is doing a college project in Maya, i did the textures and everything on photoshop and he taught me how to do the UV Mapping, the problem is that i realized that some of the boxes that should be open, like the ones in the picture, are closed.

i learned the basics but still can`t figure out how to open the boxes, i`m 99% sure he didn`t notice since they are just in the background but i need to open them to do the UV shit

hey bud hop on our discord and ill just help you on there. type in questions
Do you need the lid to animate open?
nope, according to the storyboard they are static on the bg but they are all open, dude forgot to open them i guess (it´s an entire house he had to model), i left the boxes for last for the UV and found this out
Just drop the maya file on here

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