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Is there any program that's good for just importing pre-existing 3D models and posing them? I was looking into Comipo, but it doesn't look like it's good for that.
That is literally how poser works
Daz Studio.

Easy to use.
Huge market of assets.
Big community and a large number of free assets on sites like Renderosity and ShareCG.
See, I'm not interested in assets that are specially made for the program. I want to import characters from random video games and basically made the modern equivalent of a sprite comic. Can Poser do that?
when in doubt, use SFM
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>sprite comics
I heard there's MikuMikuDance/MMD, but it's too weeb for my tastes.

It's probably better for you to just study and use a proper 3D modelling package like Blender or some shit.
I mean if ur feeling lazy... Garry's Mod
If your desired output are static images, then XNA Posing Studio may be perfect for you.

Far less resource intensive and possibly has way more community-made models then SFM.

The big reason to use it over SFM is after posing, you can export the models to OBJ and render them in MAX/Maya/Blender and get a much better look than SFM could ever produce.
You can use blender for this.
>import anything to daz
Good luck with that!

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