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Anyone here used spPaint3D before?
Tried to install this plugin but it doesn't want to work when I try executing it.

The files should be in the correct spot based on the installation instructions however when I try to execute the program I get this message:

// Error: "spPaint3d"; //
// Error: Line 1.11: Syntax error //

Here are the installation instructions for ref:

*Close Maya.
*If applicable, delete the files from an earlier spPaint3d version (both .py and .pyc files of this script may need to be removed).
*Unzip the script in the appropriate user Maya folder.
*Make sure the script files go to the script folder, the icons should go to the prefs/icons folder.
*The help folder is not used at runtime and can be anywhere, if there at all.
*Make sure the PYTHONPATH environment variable is set properly in the maya.env file or the script may not run properly. Maya 2008 has been reported to have a faulty default path for python.
*Restart Maya.
*Execute the script by typing "spPaint3d" in the MEL script editor command line.

What do?
Are these folders in /my documents/maya ??

Because you have to put these files at the maya folder in my documents, and not at the original maya folder
Its shit. Use ICE or Houdini
Yeah I definitely put the folders in documents/maya.

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