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Detailed Rigged Clothes. How do you do it? Any tips?

Usually I make a low-res version, rig, then subdvide and add minor details.
but it's much harder to rig or add/fix things after it's subdivided. Because of this, my clothes are always average.
Copying weights from low to high polys also results in a bad weighted mesh.

Should I really just go through the slow process of rigging the high poly version of my clothes?
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>rig or add/fix things after it's subdivided
>Copying weights from low to high polys
>rigging the high poly version

dont do this
you simply rig the lowpoly then apply the highpoly normal map onto the model in your game engine or what have you
try xnormal
Ok I won't, but what should I do then????
*You* go back to the fundamentals and learn 3d
...i just want some tips
you got your tips
are you familiar with this

As a character artist why are you worried about rigging.

>...i just want some tips

Just as a matter of interest is this for a SL build?, I'm asking because if its high detailed its normally made for SL and their mesh forum might be a good place to ask these questions

This might help
Because a character has to designed with rigging in mind?
zsketch is designed mostly for that purpose
Please stop with the normal map nonsense.
Not everything has to be a low poly model for a game, for some things you actually want a fully rigged high poly model.

@OP: you should rig a lower poly version, then subdivide and transfer the weights, then smooth out the rig by weight painting. If you are using max the skin utilities are very useful for exporting a rig to a skin mesh object, which you can turbosmooth (the weighting will be turbosmoothed as well).

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