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File: test23456_0863.jpg (41 KB, 321x177)
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Is this one worthy watching twice?


tell me how much I suck, I know you want it !
Needs more frames per second. Textures/lighting could be a lot better.
It's 25 fps, textures mostly are phong or lambert materials with different colors, so it's kind of flat, there is no bump. You said it, could be a lot better.

Besides these things, how's camera, scenes?

Composition/camera is great, but it's almost too "clean". Perhaps add a few post-prod work such as contrasting and subtle filtering.
the lips look kind of weird. real lips are pulled up or down by the surrounding muscles, they don't move on their own.
File: 17.jpg (939 KB, 1920x1080)
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Thank you. It's raw render, post-prod might actually change a lot, I will try that in my free time :)

There is no surrounding muscles so it looks fake, this is my first time with blendshapes. oh and first time with fluids as well :D

Plan is to finish car model which I've already started, then make a new character model with all the head hands clothes. This video is kind of testing out blendshapes, it all begun with "computer" I'm glad i finished it cause there was much more in my head and no time for that .
2 minutes is too long. Somewhere after the eye ball is assembled I wanted it to end, and again on the conveyor I wanted it to wrap up. This whole thing might be better chopped down to 30 seconds with quicker essential parts of the segments.
Wow cool animation, I'm looking forward making something like that in the future, keep it up!

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