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I have a character I imported into Maya as an FBX from MakeHuman, but it appears to have nonzero rotations on pretty much all of its bones. This is going to cause issues with the motion capture/retargeting software I'm trying to use this character for, so I'm trying to fix this issue without having to reskin or re-rig the character. I would like the skeleton to look and function the same as it does now, just with the default rotations of the bones being zero. I think this issue could be solved by using the freeze transform function, but it appears that it doesn't work with skinned bones. I have seen lots of forum posts explaining a way to get around this involving duplicating the mesh and skeleton, freezing transforms on the original skeleton after detaching it from the mesh, and then copying the vertex weights back to the original from the copy. But that sounds like a lot of steps, and I don't know my way around Maya's interface that well, so I was hoping to do this with a Python script (especialy since I'm probably going to have to do this again with other MakeHuman characters). Below is my attempt, I was hoping maybe someone could give me some pointers.

the script:

the file:
JK, here is the script:

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