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Hello everyone, I post here because I have a project to create few medieval fantasy 3D scene (Dungeon and dragon universe) in order to make nice illustrations or short animations.

I have no skills in creating beautiful 3D models, but I know how to build scene and make animations in blender.
So my first idea was to look for nice (and free) 3D models of medieval fantasy character. I've found some but there is some big issue.
Free .stl file are easy to find (there is nearly all the monsters off D&D 3.5 for free) but it's only the meshs without texture.
Finding free medieval fantasy model with texture is really hard and rigged one are nearly impossible.

So I decide to look at Daz studio. I can build my character with it and then export a full 3D model (+texture + bones) in blender to make my animation.
But the choice of free stuff in Daz is also really limited for medieval fantasy universe ...
Do you know any place to find models for medfan character ? Or any other software with more choice that I can use ?

Pic related : a render made with Daz studio
File: dragonslayer.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720)
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1.26 MB PNG
another exemple of scene in DAZ
File: l36431-puo-3937-89802.jpg (19 KB, 620x620)
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search for medieval game characters and similar
File: ohhai.jpg (191 KB, 1000x1300)
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Thanks both of you,
I'm going to browse the list of daz freebie.

I already knew tf3dm, it have some great model they are nearly never rigged. Is it hard to learn how to do that in order to animate it after ?
File: file_2150226.jpg (242 KB, 788x788)
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Depends on the user and software.
There are tools like Blender's rigify addon that generate a rig for you. You still have to assign it properly though. Bone weights etc.
Here OP


You're welcome

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