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Is there any decent 3D modeling software out there that is free?

I'd like to get into 3D and really appreciate any recommendations
Blender, also read the sticky


thanks guys

official student version . unless you own a render farm you can use it

when you work for someone with a rander farm you can use the full version.

the difference? the full version has software connecting you to a render farm.

you wont notice a difference otherwise

or get the "unofficial" full version via a torrent download

maya even lets you create things from the bones joints n muscle to skin, hair, mouths lips teeth tongue that Automatically animate when you feed it an english language mp3.
maya animates hair moving with the creature, or the wind, it animates the clothing moving on the person as they walk or run etc
Most people will say Blender, but it depends on if you just want to dabble in 3D for your personal use/amusement, cause it still pays to learn a popular high-end package like Max or Maya, even if it means torrenting them.

Most high-end software with physics simulation can do that fampai
I want to add that traditional modeling software will only get you so far in 2016, eventually you'll also want to check out some sculpting software as well, like ZBrush, Mudbox, etc. Most of them pretty much require a pen tablet to use, but down the road it'll all be an essential addition, regardless of the type of work you'll decide to specialize in.

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