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File: Blender.jpg (104 KB, 1175x1290)
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I usually animate with SFM.

Does Blender Animating easy like SFM ?

also where do i get the Models ? (Nude ones are better)

That should cover 98% of where to get SFM-ready models from.

>Does Blender Animating easy like SFM ?
I've actually been wondering this myself. The only problem I imagine is the fact that you'll have to create the IK rigs for Blender.(or maybe there's a way to improve sfm rigs)

also, you'll need an account on rule34hentai in order to view the underage nude models.

thats it ?

just import ? nothing else ?
File: screen.1457099383.png (140 KB, 1576x791)
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Well yeah, that's it.

Use Crowbar MDL decompiler to decompile the SFM model.

Then get Blender Source Tools, so you can import it.(tip: import the .qc file. it'll automatically import everything else)


Takes all of 2 minutes. Here is the zelda SFM model in Blender. Of course like I said, you still need to figure out how to do the IK rigging.
File: z brush.jpg (102 KB, 1017x543)
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Anyone knows a good retopo tool for Blender(or some external one?)

Basically I want something similar to the one in zbrush where you waint lines on your high poly to lets the edgeflow for your low poly

I have been doing it with shrinkwrap but thats just very slow.
http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/sketch-retopo/sketch-retopo-license.html and http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/
and the addon to import/export in blender https://github.com/VerbalTea/instantmesher
and https://github.com/CGCookie/retopoflow
Maybe I'm dumb but Instant Meshes doesn't let me control the polygon density, so I'd have to separate parts into objects and do it that way?

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