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Alright /3/, I'm at my wits end here. Does anybody know if there is someway I can configure Translate Move and Transform Scale to snap to increments just like Softimage does?

Also, since I can't find any prominent artists who use Modo...does anybody know an artist who uses Modo with the likes of Vitaly Bulgarov or Fausto de Martini?
Tor Frick uses MODO and does some cool stuff with it.
Can you not grid snap, then set the grid to your desired increment?
Thanks for the replies Anons!

I believe I can do that, but I'm really just trying to replicate my workflow from Softimage onto this new suite, alot of the techniques I previously used often rely on that increment snapping feature softimage had. I do believe that might be the next best thing though, so thanks for that anyway!

Also, Tor Frick is the kind of person I've been looking for. Thanks Anon!
Check out Vaughan Ling aswell! Great guy.
hold Ctrl before rotating an object and it will snap to 15° increments.
Next time ask google, instead of 3/, unless you like waiting.

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