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File: shadowcat mech.png (279 KB, 572x620)
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I've been building my business, trying to be self-employed, and I just got a 3D printer. I've had my eye on this model for quite a while now, and wanted to test my printer's capabilities, but it turns out this website has a download restriction that makes it more or less inaccessible.

Does anybody have a 3D Cad Browser account that could nab this model of a shadowcat from the Mechwarrior series for me? This is the exact model I want, the one from the fourth game, and this is the only place I've been able to find it. If possible, I'd like it in the .stl

Bump, a few days later.
Instead of making a free account in 3 mins you keep hitting f5 here for 3 days. Just get a job packing groceries you lazy cunt.
File: 1457465004102.png (57 KB, 301x300)
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Or I check once every day or so.

Also free accounts don't let you download anything unless you upload something first, and then somebody downloads that.

Also I made 28k on a Kickstarter to build a business; I have money, but I only wanted the one model, and it's abandonware anyhow.

Also I got another board to be far more useful. /po/ is a magical place.

make two accounts
one uploads something
the other downloads something

doesnt take a genius to figure that out
are you retarded
...back in 2013

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