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i've just started in v-ray for 3dsmax after being forced to use mental gay at uni, sorry if this question is stupid

my renders are coming out like this.

When i use v-ray adv the render is under exposed even when vray lights are at about 20 and 12. This is in perspective rendering in vray cam produces sam result.

When I render this in vray-RT cam, its pitch black. perspective view produces the second result (ideal result) but says it will take 4+ hours rendering from my card, tried CPU as well.

Have i missed something?

GI is on
Open up a sample v-ray scene that you didn't create but is confirmed to work. Do A/B tests on that scene. Then, open up a second instance of Max and recreate your scene again but with the settings from the sample scene

I have tried exactly this and results were the image i have posted unfortunately.

I was thinking i might have been something to do with max gamma setting but they're the same in both files. ill check exposure
Customize > Preferences > Gamma and LUT > set Gamma to 2.2
the fuck are you using for gpu op

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