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New to 3d modeling and 3d printing.

I just want to make this unique notepad thing for work.

I'm using sketchup and it either sucks or I don't know what I'm doing.

How do I get rid of these lines and make everything smooth.

I try to erase them then it erases everything else.

I try to draw around the perimeter of the box and it does nothing.

Also does sketchup suck?
What are some good alternatives for a beginner that wants to 3d print something.
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Other problems I'm having.

Its not you, Sketchup is objectively the worst for anything other than architecture.
blender would be a far better option
What should I use instead?

I heard about that.

Is it easy to use for beginners?
watch a tutorial or two and you should be fine.
If you want to learn a powerful program, blender

If you want to use a simple but pretty limited CAD just for printing, 123D design
select eraser tool

hold ctrl and drag it across the lines to smooth them
hold shift and drag it across the lines to hide them

or make the entire object a component and use the smooth edges dialog box to round it off

oh and btw sketchup is a great program, you just suck ass at it
Don't mean to hijack you thread, but this thread is already about Sketchup.

Is Sketchup good for visualizing a room layout? I want to recreate my living room for new furniture ideas. I heard Sketchup has a good library to download common objects.
yes its the best for that go on sketchup 3d warehouse download all the crap you need

if he's having problems with the easiest of 3d software he definitely going to have problems with a slightly more difficult software
Ayyyy lmao, see the current line of "everybody can design/engineer shit" is quite mediocre, just because powerful tools are easily available doesn't mean that the 80% of things made are good or should exist and waste resources. But that's not me to judge, so if you want to do objects and print them use a parametric cad program like creo or solidworks, then do some tutorials and you are set for whatever you wanna do
am not here
who is this young man ?
File deleted.
Its a woman lol.. just post her pics to a quiet little board to image search... i cant do it on my browser

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