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File: vsIszFV-XAvFJnA.jpg (579 KB, 1200x1500)
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So I'm graduating from uni soon with my 3d degree; I specialized in environment art (maya, unity, udk, blender, photoshop), but Im also good with houdini and also do some decent sculpting in zbrush cuz i took some figure drawing classes.

If I can't get a job after graduation at a studio what are some weird places I could look for decent paying 3D office jobs? I had a graphic design job before for a random company but I don't really enjoy graphic design or working remotely that much. I just need to find a first 3d office job that can help me survive and possibly advance my career. pic unrelated
well yeah you can work for archviz and film production studious
post your environments
right now i find movies that i liked then look at the studios that worked on them and ask if they have any positions. what is archviz? training? i also said i don't want teaching jobs. one of my goals after uni is to not end up with a teaching job like my professors who have said they do teaching after getting burnt out in the industry

my website has my name and stuff on it, i'd prefer not to post cuz employers may see my posts on /3/ or something i dunno. i have something not on my website that im currently working on if u REALLY wanna see something but it's just a wip and like 30% done
File: 1455489555907.png (201 KB, 354x367)
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i'd prefer not to post cuz employers may see my posts on /3/ or something i dunn

Just post your art, jesus christ.
>not posting werk
son i am dissappoint. this whole industry is based on how good you actually are, not how good you say you are.

where is your reel?
File: paofowef.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
im not asking for critique, i'm asking if ya'll know places to get hired doing 3d that I wouldnt think of. i just need to get a job

this is the wip ive been working on for about a month if you really wanna see something, but its a wip
this is straight crap

A single lane road for a car?
A road floating in the air, not even a bridge?
Cars in a world of floaty robot things? (This is actually fine if it's an antique or something)
Giant retarded oil platform looking buildings inexplicably sitting on rock pilings in the desert (unless this is supposed to be an ocean)?
That planet is too big, look at some pictures of Apollo 11 orbiter photographing the Earth (the fuzzy black and white pictures, not the retarded artist rendition images)
Why is the car a dune buggy but with an exposed engine and giant sand-sucking forward facing low mounted air intake valves (or worse, exhaust valves pointed at the engine block so it can choke itself in seconds)?
Why does the railing / road in the background have big engine looking things, are these supposed to be magical speed boosting F-Zero things?
Why is the car so plain and boring, besides being so impractical?
Why is everything wrong about this car, from its center of gravity, to its aerodynamics, to its elongated engine block, incorrectly mounted drive shaft, exposed design (which I already mentioned), to its front tires being higher than its back tires?

What were you doing all those months / years at Uni?

And how do you not know what Archviz is? Go fucking google it you retard.

Send your garbage resume and 5 or 10 of your best portfolio pieces to every single studio within a 2 hour commute of where you live, then work long hours for little recognition so that you can be paid about as much as burger flipping, then ultimately have your job outsourced to asia.
File: ZBrush Document2.jpg (117 KB, 1920x1080)
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aight cool, i guess yall dont like that, heres an elephant man sculpture i did the other day
skill yourself
Not trying to pull you down, but your work might need some serious polishing. It basically looks like you started to model without having any plans for what it should look like in the end. Before you start doing fantasy/non-real stuff, do lots and lots of real world objects, believe me, you'll learn so much about why exactly they're shaped like this and that and what parts have which function. And then you can start doing non-real objects and apply all of that knowledge to a model that doesn't exist IRL, and it will look a lot better.
File: 1444180889530.jpg (14 KB, 294x273)
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are you telling him to learn 2D? sounds like you're telling him to learn 2D.

It's better than I had out of Uni then again I graduated when Zbrush just became a thing.

What about making props for Turbosquid and other online stores.
You know when you posted the shitty WIP of this and copped shit for how bad it was, and tried to defend it by saying it's just a WIP? it's as bad as everyone expected it to be.

Instead of being a resentful idiot maybe you could try accepting advice even if it is harsh.
Why did I ask for you to show this. I regret it all. You have a few years before you're studio worthy m8. If you work hard as fuck, you could do it in a year.

You have the skills, just not the imagination (which is irrelevant for studio work), try making something based off someone else's (non-3D, obviously) concept art
>University 3d degree
That's about what I expected.

I'll level with you homie, I've hired a lot of people at game/anim studios, you might be able to get a job as a junior at a for television animation studio... but those pay like... minimum wage.

If you're the kind of guy that needs to learn at a school I would encourage you to go to a real CG school. University and College courses are a joke in 3d.
some can be usfull, i guess its not super related but i went to college for animation and now ive got a position as an animator at the biggest animation studio in my country.

i think it more so depends on the student then the school. sure the school can teach you but you have to be able to go above that

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