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Hey /3/ what looks good in a portfolio for 3D CG?

I started looking for internships and realized I don't have anything too impressive.

Also, can I use things I have made via tutorials online? My gut says no, but my mind says I did actually make it.

Pic not related
>can I use things I have made via tutorials online?

It's equivalent to showing pages from a coloring book.
Fair enough.

So what should I make from scratch then that would look good in a portfolio?
Where do you want to work?
Depending on your answer, you could have game assets, videos showcasing your animation skills, ultra realistic car renders, complex scenes with impeccable composition, archviz, some sculpts showcasing your anatomy skills, both human and animal.
It really depends, if you don't know/care about where you want to work just stick to what you have the most fun with and eventually someone looking for that will hire you.
Thanks for the advice.
I would like to work on game assets and/or realistic renders.

I'd love to work for Blur because their everything they do is fucking amazing but idk we will see. Any useful tips for realistic renders?
Mate, you'll never ever work for Blur if you ask "HURR WAATT ON MUH PORTFOLIO". Ok? For fucks sake
>implying professionals don't start as beginners and need advice

Clearly you have never tried anything to know you start as a beginner
100 minutes of video tutorials
100 drawings
100.. eh

Just work your ass off.
What is the most important thing to focus on?

I get that everything is important, but like, polycount? Texture mapping?
For photorealism? You'd have to master many areas. A so-so execution of any step, be it a bad sculpt or a bad shader generally will land you smack in the middle of the uncanny valley. The sculpt is IMO where the most artistry is required, the rest of the steps (texturing, shaders, lighting etc.) are more technical and very dependent on what renderer you'll use, but if you train your eye by studying painting, color theory etc. you can generally transfer what you know things SHOULD look like into your app of choice quite easily.
>Hey /3/ what looks good in a portfolio for 3D CG?

Things that look good.
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You guys give the best advice
Specific showreel for the job you want to get. Under two minutes, best stuff first. If they need more they'll search for it.
Leave any additional shit on your portfolio page or whatever

Breakdowns/development segments are good if they don't drag on. Make sure to clearly state what you did in each shot. Art directors hate group projects with no indication on what the person did you don't get invited to interview just out of the sheer awkwardness if it turns out if you just did some shitty background models.

Bring a tablet with your work along to your interview if you ever manage to get to that stage.

My creative director said I got my job because I was clear on everything I did, came to the interview with additional more detailed breakdowns and had a bunch of volunteer/group work outside of school/showreel projects

Don't put in tutorials. Apply that knowledge and get some quick original projects out.
>Any useful tips for realistic renders?
Get ready for spending a good amount of your time outside autistically looking at things to observe how they shade
good points but what about portfolio vs. showreel?
the program im using right now does not fully support PBR (blender) and i can't get all my models animated so i have to do it in unity or some shit
Not sure what you mean
If you want to do animation download Maya student edition and start making shit, if you want to do animation for games get a decent animation showreel and then start implementing it into Unity/Unreal into some small unfinished demo game.

Video game companies turned me down a few times because I wasn't doing that and I've heard of people who have just done one project in Unity and gotten jobs in the video game industry pretty quickly afterwards they had decent portfolios/showreel outside of games however and these were junior positions.
>Bring a tablet with your work along to your interview if you ever manage to get to that stage.
I went to my one and only interview and i didnt bring a tablet. When I went in to interview, nobody was familiar with my work. I didnt get the job.
not thumbnails thats for sure

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