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Hey /3/, I'm using 3DS Max and I ran into a problem.

I'm trying to get a bunch of cylinders to follow a spline using the spacing tool so they can simulate an ammo belt.

That worked, but I'm trying to have a gradual rotation along the belt, with the last cylinder being rotated 90 degrees from the first cylinder.

I tried fooling around with the spacing tool settings but I couldn't get the result I wanted so I ended up using soft selection. The result is pic related. I sort of got the rotation I wanted, but now most of the cylinders are deformed.

TLDR: Is there any way in 3DS max to clone objects along a path and have a gradual rotation?
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So I don't know if this answers your question but go to...

> animation > position controllers > path constraint

...and then...
--> select the object you want on the path
--> select the path
...this will add a path constraint to that object + keyframes for that object moving along said path from start to finish.

After that in the motion panel, under "Path Parameters" check the "Follow" box. This will cause the object to follow the bends in the path (NOTE: if the object acts janky you may need to adjust the path handles slightly).

After that:
--> Turn on auto-key
--> Make sure the object is selected (not the path), and make sure you are on the last key (it will have already been created).
--> Make sure your rotating locally and not from view, and rotate the object so it looks like it fits.

After that go to...

> tools > snapshot

...and in the dialog:
--> choose "range"
--> "from" needs to be the starting frame of the objects animation
--> "to" needs to be the ending frame of the objects animation
--> "copies" is the amount of times the object will be cloned along the path (this will vary and you will have to play around with it)
--> make sure "instance" is chosen at the bottom & hit ok.

What you should get is >pic related.

Make a path > use path constraint on the ammo > use the snapshot tool to make copies along the path to create the illusion of an ammo belt.
File: another_angle.png (425 KB, 640x480)
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here is a clearer angle of what the result is
O shit nigga it worked

Thank you so much.

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