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I want to make some fantasy style towers similar to the gothic style of architecture. Id like to watch some documentaries in my spare time in order to expose myself more to the design style while im not active.

I cant find any good documentaries in HD. Does anyone know of some good full length high definition documentaries on ancient architecture? All I get is old history channel stuff on youtube with piss poor quality.
I should note it doesnt have to be Gothic style. Any kind of design related to spires/towers with a similar aesthetic, the more fitting of a fantasy theme the better.
good luck man, that shits hard to make look good unless u know zbrush or are really good with modular parts
I know PBS NOVA did a cathedral episode like 2-3 years ago. Watched that one in 1080p.
Oh and if you want a crash course in gothic architecture terminology and it's design evolution there is a TTC course named "the cathedral" I can recommend.

The architectural information is Intertwined with information about all the religious bullshit connected with these historical buildings tho, but you can always scrub past that if it doesn't interest you.
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Thank you anons
You da bes

Thanks, I'm actually interested in the gothic style mainly to have better looking modular parts. I'm making a game and am slowly getting better at everything, but most of what ive done is low detail and relying upon my aesthetic to obfuscate my lack of skill. This "gothic style" tower will be much more visible, hoping I can come out with something decent.
The 2 Tim Burton Batman Movies had some impressive Neo-gothic achitecture. Check them out if you need more inspirations.
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Closest I ever made to something of the sort. You'll want to get plenty of references, That sort of stuff is most enjoyable when you start creating your own parts and ideas to mix together.
Gothic architecture is characterized by a number of things.

You will need many stained glass windows along the walls. A rosette window is a particularly large round stained glass window positioned above the entrance of the church that lets natural light in to hit the altar during an early morning mass as if the light of God were entering the church.

You will need vaulted ceilings, oftentimes ribbed vault style which allowed the construction of so many windows without compromising the structure.

Though not exclusively Gothic, take a look into pendentives and squinches. This architectural technique developed in the Byzantine period allowed the construction of domes if you would like to include those in your structure.

Gothic architecture is tall and some are further supported by flying butresses to the sides of the taller areas, keeping them upright. In some cases these were highly detailed along with the upper areas of the structure in a flamboyant style.

Sometimes, Jamb statues of patrons and significant figures were placed in recessed nooks on the outside of the church.

The inside of the church has a main walkway in the middle but entryways and halls to the sides so people could come and go. Small pieces of body parts of saints and the holy family were placed in ornate objects in recessed areas inside the church known as reliquaries.

Hopefully some of this is helpful. You should be able to look up some of these terms for more accurate references.

Some Significant Gothic architecture includes Speyers Cathedral, Pisa Cathedral, Chartes Cathedral, Laon Cathedral, Sainte Chapel, Notre Dame, and Reims Cathedral.
dats nice mang
That building looks dumb, man.

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