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Hey, just a quick thread for a quick answer..

if i have a pirated copy of solidworks 2015, what do i need to do to keep it safe from being caught? ive had it for a few days but i just got a weird warning and had to agree to another license agreement randomly and i am not sure what that was about. any ideas? i have the solidworks.exe blacked from the internet on my firewall, but there are so many other programs within in, i dont know what else may be communicating with it.

its already too late the fbi has you down.
probably a shitty crack.
block the entire folder off the internet and search for a better crack.
solidworks does not connect to the internet, the manager does, it's a background service, but it should show up in the tray.
If that's blocked with the firewall, should I be fine? Is there really a risk anyways? Do they come after anyone?
I got the most popular one from piratebay, is there still a chance it's no good?

I just want to make sure I'm not missing doing anything that may be necessary that I may be forgetting /not aware of
If I got a copy of SW, what would the activation process be? do they use a key/30 day period thing like windows, or what? does it have offline activation then online registration? (I don't torrent anymore, so tracking down an http link is taking forever)
Yeah, a giant company will come after a single person, who isn't making money off using their software, cause they have infinite money for lawyers. If you're so worried just don't host the installation files on your computer and don't seed it.

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