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Hey folks, so something's been bugging me lately and I'm hoping y'all might just have an answer.

Essentially, I'm rendering in 3DS Max with VRay Adv 3.20.02, and I feel like even relatively simple scenes take a lot longer to render than they should. Granted it seems to mostly be the fault of things like reflective textures (pictured: example) and shadow mattes, and trying to increase the sampling rates a little to avoid heinous flickering in dimly lit areas (also pictured, but still super splotchy), but even so I don't think it should be this bad really, like 24 hours just for 150 frames at 960x540.

SO, here's my system specs; http://valid.x86.fr/ffit1l - Near as I can tell the CPU is where the system is bottlenecking, but I don't think the CPU is that behind the times really short of dropping $2k on a new one, so let me know if anything appears heinously misconfigured.

After that, all I can think is to mention the GI render engines - using Irradiance map as my primary, and Brute force as secondary.

Thanks, here's hoping I've been extremely stupid somehow and I'm not just completely boned.
A nice Intel chip would definitely speed things up, but the way things are going future-wise, you should probably look into GPU rendering instead. Did you even try running this scene in VRay RT on your current card?
In terms of rendering power per $, a 980 Ti or Titan X would be considerably faster than similarly priced CPUs, and you wouldn't have to change your CPU/mobo/RAM.
I've kinda shied away from RT just because progressive rendering scares me, but I'll look into it. I'll definitely be doing some upgrading around April or so, and GPU will certainly be top of the list.
you have non-matching ram mate.

Also, you see better looking scenes in even realtime games like The Order or Killzone 4.I mean, you dont even have transparency in the scene and you don't even have correct gamma. Even unreal engine demo scenes like Kite are far more advanced than this, and render at 30fps. You are a noob

While I agree that he can seriously optimize his renders, object-space path tracing is a fundamentally different way of rendering graphics than your typical forward or deferred rendering in game engines, and carries an overhead that currently makes it impossible to render in realtime. The benefit is of course the immensely smooth and perfect geometry that we get with renders by default.

That said, some 3d artists are actually using game engines for rendering now, since they can do PBR and have suitably advanced lighting. It might be interesting to look into, what with Ue4 being free for personal use and all.

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