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File: smooth mesh.jpg (11 KB, 336x316)
11 KB
How do i model this with smooth mesh in maya.
Use edge loops.

I'll be honest, That doesn't help me.

Then learn 3d modeling before asking questions about modeling specific things.
Um. I have and you should know that telling someone to insert more edge loops doesn't always work in the case of hard surface modeling.

E.g Crease tool can be more effective than adding more edges to the object.
File: FhuWT.jpg (21 KB, 450x338)
21 KB
>insert more edge loops doesn't always work in the case of hard surface modeling.
Maybe if you're not good enough.
Shots fired
you model guns piece by piece, then connect everything when you need to
making a gun out of 1 box is maybe viable on glocks
OK. I'd say the advice i'm getting here is basically beginner advice.

Thanks but i'll try another place.
File: IMG-20160222-WA0015.jpg (872 KB, 2688x1520)
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872 KB JPG
Ok well I am actually a beginner so Ill use this thread.

Anon said you should not model guns from one box, which is the technique Im using. Therefore, my idea that I have no idea what I'm doing is proven right lol

Anyone knows a good gun modelling tutorial, or just tips and tricks overall?
File: MODEL.jpg (97 KB, 1267x404)
97 KB
im NOT a gun modeler but ill try to chip in and give you advices that i learned by trial and error

-if one of the parts in your gun have an odd shape or too complex try to model it separately then snap it to other objects when its ready, you can only extrude so much out of 1 box.
-basically if you are modeling something like a handgun, try modeling the slide first, do it as if all the parts are from an actual gun. use the first part to guide the rest of the parts
-try to avoid modeling nuts and screws
-try to avoid modeling guns with lots of insets
-try to avoid the detail on the sideplate of the pistol grip
for things like steel rings (i did the one in the middle wrong) create a plane and snap it along the faces of the existing geometry, similar to retopology
-save the trigger guard for last when doing the basic shapes
-don't go hard on the bevel
-use smoothing groups and hard edges when you need them
-avoid booleans
-avoid triangles
-avoid using cylinders with high edge count
Break your weapon up a bit more, Your handle is a different object that shouldn't be attack to your gun mesh the slider up the top should again be a different object and maybe the trigger guard along with the guard.

Also, for concepting don't use a concept like that use something that is flat then have a front picture to give yourself scale.
File: 1377551313642.png (94 KB, 263x263)
94 KB
ahaha are you fucking dumb?
File: Hes on his way.png (572 KB, 700x666)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
>create each shape individually; ignore intersecting geometry
>combine objects into 1 mesh
>make mesh live
>quad draw edge loops along intersections

>ITT idiots giving shit advice to newbs and bitching as if they know what they're talking about
yeah, unless you are too retarded to see it
someone do a 3d fedoratique pls
The thing is I haaave to use this design for this, the model is for someone else. Maybe I can use a similar pistol reference for the front view.

Thanks man, I have to research how weapons work, that should help.

Thanks a lot!
>using edge loops in Maya
You have fucking crease sets.
Using edge loops when there is something objectively better available to you is heresy
Creases do you use them?
>the advice i'm getting here is basically beginner advice
it's a beginner question, how else are we supposed to answer "how u do dis"?

Over time, you'll learn to "disassemble" complex shapes into basic geometric objects. Don't worry about not being able to see it right away, it comes with experience.
Most importantly: One reference image is never enough. Go search for photos of IRL guns that look similar to yours (in your case it's probably a Desert Eagle), learn how these guns work - shooting, reloading, etc (most guns work the same way, with the parts arranged differently), and then start to model the pieces. You don't need to model every last mechanical part, just make sure you have an idea of how your gun is supposed to work.
I prefer starting with the barrel because a) it's ez and b) using the barrel, you can eyeball other dimensions quickly.
>quad drawing a basemesh for a mechanical part
it's like you love cleaning up all your jagged edges while never being sure that your proportions are right instead of a quick boolean + additional edge loops.
i think you are confusing between intersection and parts that are separate
good advice just practice all kind of shapes and models, you will get there (in combination of tutorials of course)
>i think you are confusing between intersection and parts that are separate
He specifically mentioned "quad draw[ing] edge loops along intersections", which is probably the most stupid way to go about it if you need a perfectly clean mesh for subdivision.
a what
File: IMG-20160225-WA0011.jpg (1016 KB, 2688x1520)
1016 KB
1016 KB JPG

Thanks guys Im slowly understanding guns atm, redoing lots of stuff as I go along. Glad to see actual helpful people with constructive c&c around here.

This is my process so far
File: GKepALy.jpg (155 KB, 1131x707)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Trying to stay nice.

1: Don't take a cell phone image of your monitor. There is a button on your keyboard for exactly the purpose you need.

2: The "bottom barrel" in your image is supposed to be a guide rod. It doesn't have a hole it it, doesn't shoot bullets out and should not protrude past what looks like the barrel weight. Real barrel weights, such as that from the HK USP Elite you're mimicking, don't permit the guide rod to fit through, as the guide rod would have no purpose being longer than the slide it's meant to reciprocate.

3: No magazine could feed from that grip angle, and no firing pin/sear/disconnector/hammer/ejector could fit in that little tiny bit of slide rearward of the grip. Look at pictures of actual guns, there are things going on above and behind the magazine. Guns have the dimensions they have not for stylistic reasons but for function and ergonomics.

4: You're getting to the rear sight, I know. I see the dragon wings a la Sig P226 X-Five Viking. Having more shit between your eyes and a target isn't a great idea, but it's your design and there's no problem with having fun. Forget I mentioned it.

5: It looks like you're trying to duplicate a Glock type trigger safety, which is a small, protruding, pivoting lever sandwiched in the center of the trigger shoe itself. It's not to one side.

6: Needs an ejection port. Brass cases needs to come out somehow, and even caseless guns need an ejection port in order to clear malfunctions.

7: Some kind of pin on the right of the frame; is this a slide release pin? Trigger pivot pin? Take down pin? Again, guns have things for ergonomics and function reasons only. Real guns don't have greebles. I could mention the three screw holes under the dust cover (also from the HK USP Elite's barrel weight, which is bolted to the frame rail). I guess I just did.

Every other visible problem is excusable under suspension of disbelief, design preference or beginner skill.
File: lol.jpg (131 KB, 1474x718)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Anon, you will not like this, but this is actually for a client, she sent me even worse artwork intially, which I -tried- to straighten up. I know it's not the best design but eh, like you said, its fun.

The reason I say this is because I have to turn this in for monday, and I am already struggling with UVs. So as much as I would like to apply all corrections, I really can't as I could with a personal project. I will at least implement an ejection port tho.

For the record, you can be an asshole if you feel like it, I am not entitled to your (very helpful) criticism and will try not to act like a princess about it, because I know I got a loong way ahead of me.. but I am going to do this for a living (not hard surface specifically) so I have to improve any way I can, so thank you once again.
File: 1428250039668.jpg (15 KB, 192x154)
15 KB
>cellphone camera of screen
Its just my rendering technique, you wouldnt understand
its far from anything i would call "design".
Don't waste your time modeling ugly stuff.

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