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How do I achieve this effect and style with 3D models?

I've been working on a project for a short film and I'm intrested in achieving this character style but there seems to be little info on what this effect is called. I love the cell shaded art style and I want to replicate this in a way that I can animate a specific character.
> there seems to be little info on what this effect is called
> I love the cell shaded art style
>what this effect is called
>cell shaded

Two-tones, one light, one shadow. Each dogeman there may have their own light sources. Their shirts are shadeless for effect. etc.

NPR work is pretty much entirely, a: knowing what you want, b: getting creative in order to achieve the desired effect.

Math skill are probably extremely useful here.

If you want some professional insight, there is great translation of a breakdown of how the artists of the video game Guilty Gear Xrd did their stuff out there. It shows off a bunch of little tricks they pulled to get their desired look.
flat shading. easiest thing to implement to almost every 3d program out there.
What the fuck, board ate my reply. Jist of it

Not that simple.

Also, compositing.
One particular trick I remember is to wrap your model with a simplified mesh, and use that to self-shadow, since drawn characters typically have shading that's defined fairly vaguely.
For instance, a character might be wearing a coat with a lot of wrinkles in it, but the shading will only follow large-scale folds.
It's just a ramp shader with no interpolation, and you adjust the ramp position per shot to achieve the level of balance between light/shadow that you want.

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