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File: fiteenth render.jpg (1.94 MB, 1920x1080)
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Hi /3/ this is a model ive made based off a tutorial ive been using to learn a lot of basic techniques with max, vray and the post processing in photoshop.

Any advice is super appreciated.
>grass is too bright, grass usually have a dark hue to it
>no variation in grass height, even after its mown
>windows on the side should be capped with reflective mirror, one that's is affected by the sun but isn't 100% see through

none-technical (my personal view)

>render got no variations to it, you can add like kids toys,wading Pool,bbq etc
>sun is too bright, and if that's the case maybe add lens flare or change the sun color to more yellowish tint
>wood is rather orange and wood usually don't have orange color
>too much bump, if its node based try to reduce the displacement
what tutorial is this?
house wall textures are too big, make them at least half the size.
Either all the doors are too narrow, or the chairs are too big, something's off there.
Lawn seems really wobbly, usually people try to keep it as even as possible. Use varying grass lengths instead if you want to make it visually interesting.
The background seems very empty, there are a few trees standing around but behind them there's nothing. You could make the fence wall higher to hide that, or use big bushes as a background.
The side windows look a bit shiny to me, to the point where they just seem to be holes in the wall.
Not sure what material the door and window frames are supposed to be.
Also, the sky backdrop seems a bit dark for that kind of lighting.
As far as the very basics go, this is alright.

Just keep getting into increasingly more advanced tutorials (avoid the stuff on Digital Tutors, unless it's by Andrew Ryan Parker). Anything by Viscorbel is probably a good start.

If you want things to look as realistic as possible you'll have to take a look at Grant Warwick's courses sooner or later.
I think the other posters here did a good breakdown on what's wrong here, door scale is off, too bright, wobbly ground, texture scale too large, no background, and not enough points of interest.

I'll add that grass and foliage actually contains more yellow in it than green. If you open any photograph in Photoshop and edit color saturation by color channel, desaturating green should have only a minor effect, but removing yellow will make all the foliage gray.

Also, if you're using the Max/VRay physical camera, make sure that your settings are similar to what you would use on a real camera when shooting this type of scene in real life. For instance, ISO100, f/8 to f/16 and a shutter speed of around 1/200th or whatever gets you the proper exposure. You would also typically use lenses of around 20-35mm focal length to photograph arch, since you're typically tight on space and need to shoot a large object, and this creates the characteristic distortions that are associated with this type of subject.

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