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I do a lot of programming and I'm getting into 3D modeling and animation with vector graphics for a video game I'm creating for Uni (it's just animated scenes with what multiple choice type questions about what happens next in the game). I'm upgrading my monitor for other purposes and was wondering what is best suited for 3D animation. Should I go for a 60hz IPS display or 144hz TN display? I can't afford a 120/144hz IPS monitor.
144Hz is more or less only really useful for gaming. I say go for the IPS one, if 3DCG is your priority.

Even for gaming, I don't know of many titles that can even put out 144 fps on any decent FPS even with the best card. It's just a meme that fps gamers fall for.
Many play older games that render in frame rates far exceeding 144hz. If you are an enthusiast playing twitch reaction games like Counter Strike a high hertz display device is a must have to stay competitive.

Also, any first person shooter that runs under ~100hz really isn't a 'decent' one.

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