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I tried downloading inventor 2015, but I shut off my computer during the installation process, me being the retard I was chose to believe it was on Autodesk's end so I tried instead installing Inventor 2016.
Now, when I try to open either, I get the age old re registration error.
I've decided the best thing to do at this point is a clean uninstall, but whenever I try to delete the appropriate folders, my computer says the files are in use. I tried using the Autodesk uninstall tool, but not everything was uninstalled. I also tried using Microsoft Fixit(Ayy lmao) and that didn't work either. Pls help, I need to get to work on a jet engine
Note: I am on Windows 7
Try deleting autodesk related things from your APPDATA and PROGRAMDATA folders.
Also stop stealing.
>implying I'm not using the student version
How dare you call me a pirate fag
try seeing if any scripts are running and kill them.
also you can try deleting the smaller stuff first then the bigger stuff
linux startup usb.

your magical tool to edit and delete files which windows is crying over!

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