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Hey /3/, I have a question.

Some people commission artists to draw 2D images for them. I've been thinking about commissioning a model for a shitty MOBA. Unfortunately, most googling has led me to either game resource vendors or porn.

The polygon count is fairly low, compared to the myriagon monstrocities I've seen in the catalogue. Are there resources for that kind of thing? How autistic am I?
You want that character made? Which moba allows custom characters.
Dota2 has custom maps, they can include custom models.
League of Legends has a somewhat convoluted packing and unpacking scheme that still ends up being usable files for Maya. There are some homebrew tools like wooxy and such that I can pull myself if something were actually to be put together.

Specifically, /vg/ was thinking about making a female version of Twitch. There's some reference models in the game, which should spit out a base reference if someone were looking for it. They have rigging, animation, etc.

If you're looking for more information as to whether this is just a pipe dream of a hopeful, there's some videos on the subject.

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Necrobump. Looking for any information as to accomplishing this.

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