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Hey guys, i've been trying to get a high res printable model of Phantom Assassin from DoTA2.
Any of you guys have a posed/ posable model of it in 3D file?
I am trying to have it printed out and custom painted and things like that. Help will be greatly appreciated.
Pic related as to what I want to achieve.
Bumping for self interest
>>not op
Valve changed the model filetype for the new engine, so you can't decompile the current dota models, you can use the base models if you want, dl from here - http://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements

If you want to decompile, there's a torrent with an old version of dota https://kat.cr/dota-2-v580-full-multilanguage-autoupdate-t7547613.html

Download gcfscape and crowbar and vtfedit.
Launch gcfscape.
File->Open-> find pak01_dir.vpk
Extract models/heroes/whatever.mdl
Launch crowbar, decompile.
Extract materials/models/heroes/whatever
Open vtfedit, batch convert all pics, there's another program to mass convert their version, find it, I can't bother to search for it now.
Convert to image files.
Download blender source tools.
Import the .smd model, load the texture, profit.
Models come with bones, but no IK.
Sweet, thanks anon.
I'l look into it.
Interested if it's good... how much to have 3d printed.
File: Unbenannt.png (241 KB, 832x499)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Hey would also anybody know where i could get the newest League of Legends models?

I really love to print a 3D Model of Poppy.

It'll look like shit with no diffuse and normal maps.

Couldn't you get them with renderdoc/ninjaripper?

like this


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