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I'm new to 3D modeling and just started learning Blender a week ago, this is the first thing I've made but it took a lot of problem solving (I didn't know 2D edit mode or vertice/face mirroring was a thing until after I made this & I'm pretty sure it would have helped me with the geometry-I kept using the side view instead). Are there any good comprehensive guides on shortcut keys, shape making, workflow and problem solving? Also I find it extremely painful to sit down and watch hour long multi-part tutorials on how to copy someone elses work and think the best thing for me would be to better learn how the program works instead so I can give my artistic decisions more freedom. Or am I wrong and the best thing to do is watch more tutorials and try and copy what they do. I really want to get good
I've been modeling for a while as a freelancer and in my personal experience you only get fast when you are worried with not meeting deadlines and not having a life anymore because all you do is 3D.
Spend fucktons of time modeling and spend time with other people who do as well. This is more important than anything else you can do.

Spend a lot of time making things quickly. You get fast by practicing fast. (note: this doesn't mean you shouldn't have projects where you take your time)

Look at other people's work, but don't treat it as law. It's not usually useful to copy exact solutions for problems. Tutorials for objects are basically worthless on their own, what you want to get out of them is workflow tips and tools you didn't already know about.

Use hotkeys for everything you possibly can. Every time you mouse through a menu you are wasting time.

Don't treat your geometry like it's holy, if something needs changing it gets changed. Don't get hung up or attached to things, that wastes your time.

Finally, don't expect to be really good for years.
That's a nice looking bayonet. If that's really the first thing you've ever made, and you did it in Blender of all things, I'm impressed. Keep it up. You've got talent.
Hey, really nice looking model, if its your first one. Btw, if you wanna know more aspects in 3D and just discuss something, you can add me in Skype. I'm interested in making a circle of friends that're willing to know more about 3d, vfx stuff. Skype - massoblivion1

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