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What's the correct procedure to animate using modifiers? Whenever I try to animate with a modifier, I can't use the set key method. I set key, move to the next frame, input the new parameters for the modifier, and then set key. When I move from that frame, the new parameter disappear from the modifier and both frames are the same.

The auto key command works, but most of the time, it creates a key at the frame I want, and at the very start of the movie, which requires me to move it in the timeline.

The effect I'm trying to achieve is, for instance, melting a character at a certain frame of the movie.

I've just had my assignment due for 3ds max class. I had no time to figure this out because I started working on it too late, but I'm kind of curious now since I think it's somewhat more fun and rewarding to work in this program despite how fucking cumbersome it seems to be compared to the architectural software I am used to.
you can always try working with the curve editor to set your keys and values
That's another issue. I looked in the curve editor and I cannot find the frames for modifiers. I see the position (XYZ), scale, visibility, but I don't know how to edit frames involving modifiers.
for modifiers, you can apply the modifier as a shape key, then in the vertex data it will show as a shape key and you can animate from there. for constraints or parents select all the bones, or the object, then go object/pose -> animation -> bake animation, if you wanna keep the constraints, just tick off clear constraints/parents whatever
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a good workflow to work with modifiers is to wire the parameters you need to a control object in your scene, but if you're in a hurry just animate the sliders on the motion pannel with autokey. The key created at the start of the movie is necessary, animating is going from a state A to a state B, that key created is that stade A. Just move that key were you want your animation to start
*modifier pannel, not motion
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Click on Key Filters and set it to All, that should allow you to set keys for it using Set Key.

Also, use the Dope Sheet instead of the Curve Editor, you'll see everything then.

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