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Trying to make my first bone system on a bow but i keep getting a loop error every time i try to parent the mesh with the bone system is there anyone that can help?
remove the vertex groups then re do the whole weights
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Well that didn't work.
Why are you even replying?
Why would you parent the mesh to the bones when it's skinned to them?
ok how to i do the weight animation with them i keep getting a loop error?
Not parent sorry.
wtf is "the weight animation"?
weight painting? if you dont know what the fuck that is i suggest not rigging a bow
I'm replying to OP you autistic faggot. OP said weight animation; i asked wtf weight animation is supposed to mean. animation != weighting.
lol reasons why this board is shit.
Must be one of the worst threads i have ever seen, thank you op, and thank you blender.
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I'm not entirely sure what the problem the OP is experiencing is, assuming this is even relevant, you cannot do looping bone/constraint setups with Blender's current, antiquated depsgraph. You could attempt to use the new work in progress depsgraph by using the "--enable-new-depsgraph" thing. You just add that at the end of a shortcut's path. Keep in mind it is a work in progress though, it is prone to crashing and bugs.

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