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Hey /3/, what are your tips for modeling a car? Have you got any samples or tutorials you would reccomend?

My main problems are detailing the exterior of the car (do I just hack away at it with edge loops?) and modeling the chassis (since I need the parts to hang and eventually fall off)
depends on what you are going for, most games that have car damage have meshes that get substituted for the clean parts once damage occurs.
Some of them use meshes with predetermined crumple zones in the topology to allow them to deform according to impact angle.
Texture decals for scratches damages and crumpled metal norma lmaps are also common techniques.

Just load up a game like GTA and crash some cars and you'll quickly realize how it's put together.

As far as modelling goes just straight up build your clean car with it's underlying integral frame, then add geometry as necessary and create your damaged version of these.
The integral frame is what is messing with me

Guess I just need more reference?
Just look at the frame of a comparable car and make it fit your vehicle good enough, nobody except an absolute enthusiast really knows what a certain car make looks like without the chassis cover plates on.
look for BeamNG Drive (google or youtube).

play it for a day and you know everything about car crash physics
get a turn around of a car model ( side front back and top view) then create a curves based cage for it. then you can build geo
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Depends on how accurate you want it. Feel free to fudge the internals, but even a rudimentary understanding of what's there and how everything works is important. Regarding the exterior, set up blueprints and trace away. I'd avoid subsurf if you're sticking it in a game.

If you go mad on the details, you'll hate yourself later when you unwrap.

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