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Hey guys I've visited 4chan sometimes but I've never seen this board before and I Train 3D for a while with a teacher but I want to know of you guys How do you Train for 3d?? like how do you guys practice?? often I do create hard surface objects in maya and put some textures on but it doesn't really seen that is actually helping me to get a pro at 3D. since I was a kid I've always wanted to work with games and I really want to be great professional at it and I would love if you guys that are already pro's or that know of what I'm talking about would give me some tips to practice!!!
Here is one example of a project that I made with mine teacher
Inb4: Sorry for any misspelling, I'm from Brazil.
its simple for me
i choose something that i know is complex and challenging like a gun or a car and i simply model it, sometimes i run into problems and deduct certain features in the model but it makes me works faster and discover new things.

modeling is games is different, its an artistic job and technical. you can't model all the parts of a gun if its 200k polygons, you need to use normal maps and such. every piece you create you have to make sure the UV's are right and the texture are in the right size and its according the polygon budget you have.
if you want to make models for games i recommend you to look at environment modeling for games by gnomon (is a paid dvd)

this is also a good example of how workflow is being used in games

this is essential as well

Thanks for the tips!!
Keep in mind that big 3D productions are always in a team. You're talking about pro's like they can do everything but those pro's are probably only good at a handful of things.
If you want to become pro you should specialise in a certain CG area so that you can justify getting paid for a role in a big production.

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